January 18, 2017


By Elbert Alberson

Who am I?   I am a challenger.   If you can do it, I can do it better.   Doubt me and I will show you. I never quit and I keep on writing.  When I get where I’m going, I will tell you.

My name is Elbert Alberson


Where am I from?   I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. I left home in 1959 to go and be somebody, do everything   I ever dreamed of, and travel the world. And that is what I did.  I have been there and done that.  Name it and I probably have been there and done that.  I once was told I would never live to be 20. I more than tripled that and there is no reason I made it this far on my own.   I believe in miracles, and that he walks with me and has allowed me to live this long for some reason.

What Genre do I write?  Biography, Military, Murder Mystery, Assassins, Detective, Adventure, Under water Treasure Hunting, Adventure and Excitement, Romance and Westerns.   Why so many? First of all, because, I learned a long time ago to write about what you know.  And I am the main character in most of my books and most of the stories are true, the names have been changed. The places are real and really happened Secondly, when a reader is looking for a book to read, I can attract 12 different type readers. If I only wrote one type book, then I write for only one market.   I ask myself how James Patterson sold 350 million books. The answer is he writes all kinds of books.  He even writes children and cook books and how to books.

My writing style?  I write for the majority of readers in the world.   I don’t write  documentaries, text books,  or  books that draws  that evil  English expert  that wants to pick everything to death.  I write for the average person that is looking for a story that will hold him, anxious to get to the next page and when finished will look for my latest book.  I write a lot like Stuart Wood and Sandra Brown.

Follow rules?  No, I’m not a PHD of the English language   nor do I want to match wits with another PHD.

Written anything the world is anxiously waiting to read?  No. probably never will.
Have an editor?  I have a few books that have been edited by an English PHD.  But those books don’t sell as good and are not as easy to read as the ones I edit.  I edit them 5 or 6 times and I still miss things.  But, I have only had one book returned that I know of.  And they are so involved in the story; they don’t notice a comma in the wrong place I guess.  No one has ever complained and they brag on the stories. 

Pay for book covers?  No, I do my own.

Is anything challenging in my writing?  At times. When I need more material or add on story.  I do research and find   real actual things that occurred and blend them into my stories. 

For example modern day scuba divers are diving for gold that Pancho Villa   stole from a train in 1823.  I might put into the story, where did the gold the divers are looking for, come from and why.

Most of my characters write themselves, only a few do I write the characters.  One character I wrote of was a red headed Scottish man.  He was mysterious   that drew you to him.  Where is he going every day, where has he been and who is he really.  He was a diamond thief burglar that broke into a house and safe stealing a million dollars’ worth of diamonds that was stole from a Jewish man.

Do I ever write myself into my books?  Yes, I have. The book I’m writing now has a woman reading a book written by Elbert Alberson. LOL Those that know me will get a kick out of it.  Those that don’t won’t even notice it.

Is writing my only job?  Yes, I’m retired and I write off and on all day and night, every day.  Sometimes a thousand words, sometimes 2000 words at a time.

Who would I like to meet and talk too from the past, if I could?  General Patton.

Found a great new way to market books?   Well, library book readings, launches and book signings, sell a few books.  I built stands that hold at least 2 of all 12 of my books and placed stands in 2 pharmacy and Gift store.  By ordering 36 books at a time, the shipping is miniscule compared to one at a time. A booth at a big car show in the lady’s section is air conditioned and sells a lot of books but they better sell because the cost of the space is high. It’s best   if you do that to have several authors to work in shifts and share the cost of the space.

What makes me stand out among other writers?  Most of the writers I know have one or two books published.  I have 12 and of mixed genre. My best seller is my autobiography.  Why?  Because I advertise on Facebook to school class reunions of two schools that I went to.  Another thing that helps is the story of Elvis and me and Johnny cash and me and singer Ed Townsend and me.  My military days gave me two books and I have them in Air Force Museums, other book stores and Military groups on Facebook.   Also the fact I have been to 14 countries and 26 states.  I have been all over the world and have stories of real life   experiences.
The biggest tip I could give any writer is, Keep on Writing. I have three books in the making and ides for several more. The more the merrier because you are selling to a much larger crowd of mixed genre.
ELBERT ALBERSON was born in Memphis, Tennessee.  He left home at an early age joining the Air Force and traveled extensively.  During his travels, mostly in the Air Force and in the early stages of Vietnam, he experienced   adventures  of a life time flying  North  to  Newfoundland, South to  the Azores in Portugal and  the Far East to include Vietnam,  Japan, Philippines,  Cambodia, Laos,  Australia, Thailand,  Okinawa, Burma and Singapore.  He experienced   near death incidents multiple times and learned the many customs and traditions in these countries.  This has led to many stories to tell, most of his story lines are fictional stories and people. After serving his time in the military, his adventures continued   through his associations with the sport of Scuba Diving for many years. There are many stories of real Experiences of Adventure and Excitement. Most story lines are fictional stories.  But Elbert is the main character in most of his books with real people and places in his books. Because of his travels and experiences and the research required to write his stories to include real historical events and actual happenings, you will relive and experiences through his eyes. Elbert and his wife live in a small town in South Georgia.  Being retired now, gives him the opportunities to write his books, his experiences and historical Adventures he has had in mind for years.  His books include:   Cotton Top Remember Me,   Red Bull,   Cay Sal,   Diamonds and Gold,   Old Gold,   Fire Island, The Italian Incidents,   River of Intrigue   and   Memphis Intrigue 1940. Links:  Twitter   @EAlberson  Website

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