January 3, 2017

One Easy, Fast Way to Create Buyers for Your Book

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

Well, your book is finished, it’s now published and on the market for sale. Now you can sit back and wait for the revenues to roll in from sales of your book.

But wait. Did you do all you needed to do to insure the sales?

If you outline your story and then write it, you will understand you have to do the same thing basically for the sale of your book. You have to make a plan. The one thing you can’t be is a panster on sales for your book.

Most authors don’t have a sales background. So this is an area that will take some work.
An author needs an easy, fast and impactful way to engage with buyers for their books.

What is that?

Your blog!

Your blog is the perfect place to interact with your readers. Here you can find out what they like, what they don’t like––get their opinions. Draw upon those opinions to introduce them to your book before it is finished. Take them by the hand; let them get to know your writing world.

If you research you come in contact with people who give you information. Get those name and email addresses. Tell them you will send them an email so they can get your blog to see the research information and how you use it in writing your book. These people will be interested in seeing this process. I would also suggest you make a note by the names of those who are very interested in your research/writing project. And periodically drop them a note updating them on new info…not a whole letter, just a short paragraph. Thanking them again for their part they played in the research they helped you with.

Now, guess what? The readers on your blog are going to be interested in hearing about this research too. Don’t spare any detail. They may not be in the world of research but trust me they will find it interesting. Any information you share with your blog readers on your writing/research of this book draws them into your world. They become vested. They want to see what happens next.

These readers would love to participate in your book. Let them help you name a character or two, a location, a pet. Again, it is their participation you are wanting. You want to get to know them, the reader, and you want them to get to know you and come into your writing world.
Even problems can benefit if you allow the readers to help you solve the problem.

Reading an excerpt (small one) and ask them to comment on their thoughts or send you questions. Remember the more a reader interacts with the author the more they are going to be a reader and a fan.

Every milestone, where you’ve finished a chapter, got an agent, signed a book contract let them know, let them be a part of it. Even if you are waiting to hear…they will be right there with you. Don’t forget letting them know the arrival of your book––the release date. They will be able to feel your excitement. Trust me; you will have sales that day.

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