August 19, 2016

Writing for Therapy

By Chandler Gerber

Writing is therapeutic for me.  It’s an outlet and a way to get my thoughts that are often jumbled and complex, into words that are understandable for even me.  There is a saying: “Leaders are readers”.  I love reading non-fiction books of different kinds, and oftentimes, as I read a book I am filled with new ways of thinking about problems or issues that I am facing or that we are facing as a country.  As I begin having new ways of thinking about problems, I love to be able to put down my thoughts in the form of writing as well.  They say music is art and we know that if you are a professional musician, you are considered a “music artist”.  Writing is my art form.  I love to be thinking and processing an issue and then be able to get all of the different parts put down in an orderly way.

My book, The Irony of Grace: A Journey of Forgiveness, is available.  I have been so thrilled to see the book come together over the last twelve to fifteen months!  As I dealt with the guilt and horror of causing an automobile crash that killed three people in an Amish buggy I was counselled to begin journaling.  That was back in 2012.  The concept of writing really stuck as the years have moved forward and it turned into a hobby of blogging, and then ultimately, the book being written. 

The book describes my experience of that horrible day of the crash, the weeks and months that followed, the blessings that ultimately came from that horrible situation, and even the crash in 2009 that I was a victim in.  Having been in a coma for ten days in 2009 after being t-boned in my car and appearing on the “Today” show years later to describe why driving safety is so important after what I caused in 2012, the book was a great way to share how God can use horrible situations and bring great things from them in the long run. 

I’ve learned so much about love, forgiveness, and compassion from the Amish family that I got to know after the events of 2012. I’ve been so thankful to be able to put the lessons that I’ve learned down on paper for the entire world to read about!  Life happens at a million miles per second, so in the midst of the chaos of those events, I had thousands of thoughts going through my mind all the time.  Writing and journaling and blogging became a way to organize my thoughts, then a hobby, and then an avenue to share valuable lessons that I’ve learned.

Be sure to grab my book in August, connect with me on Facebook, and continue reading in general.  Open your mind, expand your thoughts, and push yourself to do more in life than you thought was possible! God bless.
Chandler Gerber is a husband to Rachel and a father to a daughter, Shiloh, and two sons, Zander and Tripp. He was born and raised in the area around Bluffton, Indiana where he still currently resides with his family. Chandler and his wife chose from the beginning of the chaotic time in their lives that started in 2009, to stay positive, up-beat, and to ultimately bring The Irony of Grace: A Journey of Forgiveness. He has spoken around the country on the topics of driving safety, forgiveness, overcoming obstacles, and a variety of similar themes. Each of us has things in our lives that are unexpected or tragic and Chandler has devoted his life to showing others how to move through the valleys that life has to offer. He presents the same methods that he personally used to cope with tragedy when he speaks and teaches. His life plans never included speaking or being involved in the public eye, but God has a way of using each of us as He sees fit. Whether it was living through horrible memories of bad decisions, speaking with Katie Couric, or talking to a group of students at a high school, Chandler has tried to turn every opportunity into a way to show others to never give up and to always look forward to the days ahead. Our experiences shape us. Turn your unpleasant experiences to beautiful things! Follow Chandler’s blog at

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