August 16, 2016


BY SUSAN Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

Peter Osnos, a contributing writer for The Atlantic wrote July 16, 2013 (He is the founder and editor at large of Public Affairs books and a media fellow at the Century Foundation.) “At the last tally (now more than a year old), more than 60 percent of audiobooks were downloaded to digital devices, and nearly all of those came from Audible (an Amazon company) or through its long-standing license to supply audiobooks to Apple's iTunes. Amazon also owns Brilliance audio, the biggest producer of CD-based audiobooks. Audiobooks are now well over a billion-dollar business, and the available figures suggest that Amazon retains a far larger piece of that revenue than any other retailer.” Read the article you will find it enlightening.

So my question is have you incorporated audio books in your offerings to your readers?
If not, why not? For an author to offer a printed book that is also in eBook form and in audio is smart. Why? Because it opens up other streams of revenue for the author and it opens your writing up to new readers. Think of it as recycling. You take the book you wrote, and market it in these three venues.

Not everyone wants to hold a printed book in their hands (like I do) they prefer reading the eBook and then some don’t want to read period they want to plug it in and listen while they are driving, walking or jogging.
Check out article written by Allison Schiff, March 23, 2015: in Publishers WeeklyDIY: How to Self-Publish an AudiobookIn this article Schiff, list several companies who do audio and gives you information on each. She walks you through what these companies offer. She has inserted their sites so be sure and check those out.

Authors have numerous avenues available to increase their exposure. Be sure and check out all of them. Open up your writing to new readers.

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