August 26, 2014

Thanks a Million

by Gary Fearon, Creative Director, Southern Writers Magazine

It seems like just yesterday when Annette Cole Mastron, our Communications Director, notified us that Suite T was getting more than a thousand visitors a day.  Only a couple of months later, we got excited when that number doubled to over two thousand each day.  Having just checked the stats, I'm proud to report that your Southern Writers blog is now attracting between five and seven thousand views daily, a number that continues to grow weekly.

And here's the coolest part: This week you gave us our ONE MILLIONTH HIT on Suite T!

Besides reaching the marvelous milestone itself, this tells us a couple of things:

1) Social media works.
2) There are a ton of online users interested in the writing craft.
Sure, there are blogs with even more impressive numbers, but for a magazine that's only been in publication for three years, and one that relies largely on word-of-mouth and social media to generate buzz, we're mighty happy—and grateful to you—for those numbers.

So grateful are we, in fact, that we want to give you a free gift.  In honor of our millionth blog hit, we're giving you the complete set of all three anniversary issues of Southern Writers Magazine!
 Visit to get your free online editions of our July 2012, July 2013, and July 2014 anniversary issues featuring interviews with best-selling authors Tamera Alexander, Karen White, DiAnn Mills, and many others. If you're a follower of the blog but have yet to see the magazine that spawned it, here's your chance to experience all of the interviews, insights and special features we pack into each issue for you.

Over a million pageviews represents a lot of writers coming to see what other writers have to say about their craft, but it includes a great many non-writing readers as well.  If you're an author, consider guest blogging on Suite T and connecting with thousands of fellow authors and potential new readers (submission info is found here under Guest Posting).

In my next post on Tuesday September 9th, I'll share some of the interesting observations we've made during these three years of blogging, along with which posts have gotten the most attention, and why.  Meanwhile, be sure to check out your three free issues of Southern Writers (for a limited time) at this link:

All of us at Southern Writers want to thank you for following Suite T and helping us reach this milestone.  We think you're one in a million!

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