August 6, 2014

Inspiring Other’s Through a Heart that is Deeply Connected to God

By Diane K Chamberlain

There are some, who ask me how I write my devotionals so eloquently, while others stand amazed, as to the words that come from my devotions. First, you must realize that when someone writes devotions; the devotions should never come from themselves but only through the words that God gives us, in our spirits.

Devotionals should become tools to cultivate a life and produce new growth and if God isn’t the main ingredient to the writing; then nothing will be produced, from the words that have been written. When I begin to write my devotions; the first thing I do, is connect with God through a quiet moment of prayer. By doing this; I am allowing God’s presence to enter my heart, so that His words become mine. In other words; I am laying aside all my thoughts, so that He can place His thoughts within me. By doing this; I am allowing God to be seen, through my writings; to others who need His help and guidance.

You may ask me…Diane, how did you come to this place in your life, where you began to experience God’s presence, so deeply within your spirit?  This gift for writing definitely didn’t come by my own means but rather, it came through a long journey, of pain and heartache. God used; what I saw as defeat; to exchange my old heart of pride, for a heart that could become humble and willing to listen to His voice, rather than my own. One thing we must realize; is that we will never be able to truly experience the presence of God like this; if we are allowing our own moments of pride to get in the way.

Devotions should always come from a heart that allows the reader to experience the same love that entered the writer; otherwise the devotion will never serve its purpose. When I write devotions; I actually see myself, as God’s secretary, while I dictate His words, to others in need. I have come to see that when my own words get in the way; then the reader will never have the chance to experience the message that God is trying to convey to them.

Recently, I had a series of devotional e-books released, titled… “A Collection ofWritings: Inspired by God.” As you can tell by the title; these are words that God shared with me; to bring hope back into my life and inspire me, while walking through some very overwhelming moments of pain and heartache. Just think…if I would have written the words that I felt God wanted me to write, rather than the words that God longed for me to write; then I wouldn’t be in a place, where I could reach out and help others in need. I have truly come to see that writing devotions; has to come, from a heart that is deeply connected to God.
As a child Diane lived in the outskirts of a small town in Michigan, where we only lived a pathway away from where my favorite great-grandfather lived. I loved his place because he had an orchard with all kinds of things to enjoy and explore. While playing outside one day, with my brothers and sister, I suddenly fell to the ground, while experiencing a great amount of pain. Little did I know that this first doctor's visit would take me on a long journey...through 21 major knee operations, in an attempt to correct a congenital problem in both of my knees. To this day, I still live with a deteriorating left knee and a rod in my right leg. To check out the writings that God has inspired me to write, through His words of love and renewed hope, follow the link…

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