April 15, 2014


By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine

There are many remarks about print versus digital. You have those who are touting digital as the only way to go, that print is dying and then you have those that say, print is not dying. Blah Blah Blah.

In truth, both are doing fine. They each have a place in our world of writing. Having both gives authors more avenues to reach readers and to make it easy for a reader to learn about an author and their books.  And let’s face it, that’s what it’s all about.

The more venues authors have the better.  I have noticed in the magazine world that more printed magazines are showing up.  Many digital companies have developed a printed magazine.  Are you curious to know why? Because they determined when someone buys a magazine that contains articles of techniques and instructions that help their career those magazines aren’t thrown away. They keep them and refer back to them periodically, not just once but many times over several years. I can attest to that, I have magazines that go back to the 1990’s about writing techniques and instructions. Every time I pull one of those out looking for a particular article, I see the ads.  The name of the company if it is a product stays with me just as the name of an author stays with me if I see their ad in there. I’ve even gone to their websites, checking to see what is new.

So that’s why more people are advertising in printed magazines. They know people are keeping those magazines and every time someone opens one of those older magazines, they are going to see the ads. “The ad that keeps on bringing attention to their name and product for years.”

How great for authors. To have both worlds, digital and print boosting their careers. There is room for both venues in our world. In fact, I am looking forward to the next introduction of media that comes our way. The more we have to help authors garner attention to their books the better.

So don’t be afraid to advertise. You aren’t wasting your money. That ad will be seen for a long time.

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