February 20, 2013

What I Know About Blogging

By Jeuron Dove

To a casual observer, blogging may appear to be little more than the electronic journaling of one’s thoughts on a particular topic. However, to a writer, blogging provides an invaluable opportunity to simultaneously perfect your craft and cultivate an audience for your work.

The following are a few simple ways to help maximize your blog’s presence. Just like anything else worth having in life, the success of a blog is totally dependent upon the level of dedication put into it.

Keep your blog updated with fresh content on a regular basis - No one likes to read a blog with the same information on it week after week. Whether you post once a week or once a day, make sure to keep a consistent routine.

Participate in meaningful dialogue with your readers- There are few things more disrespectful than a blogger that does not interact with their audience. Responding to comments shows your readers you value their opinion and are not using your blog as a means to stroke your ego. After all, there are thousands of blogs they could have just as easily chosen to read. Pay back the gratitude.

Utilize a social media outlet to support your blog- A blog can only reach so many people. Therefore, it is important to complement it through the use of social media. Every major blog-publishing service offers free tools to connect with a wide range of social media options. For example, a blog’s Facebook or Twitter page could be updated regularly with announcements, photos and videos to keep readers interested.

Stay true to yourself- Write what matters to you. Never feel like you must write about something just because every other blogger is doing so. Blogging is a personal venture and anyone who reads your blog should be able to get an understanding of the passion you have for your subject matter. If you find yourself questioning whether you care for what you’re writing about then scrap the idea.

Never lose sight of your goal- The very nature of blogging offers the instant gratification of having your work published for the world to see. The desire to put out as much content as possible could take away from the precious time you should commit towards achieving your real writing objectives. Regardless of what you wish to gain from your blogging venture, always remember that it is just one part of the journey and not the destination.  Becoming an exceptional writer, first and foremost, is where you should keep your focus.

Though there is no guaranteed path to a successful blog, I can assure you these tips will lead you in the right direction.
Jeuron Dove would like to thank to these inspiring writers Michele Berger, Anora McGaha,C. Hope Clark and Susan Woodring. Jeuron Dove graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a degree in Journalism and enjoys writing on a multitude of topics. You can read his blog at

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