February 1, 2013

Wallowing In the Joy of Accomplishment

By Karen Arnpriester

Here I sit with boxes and boxes of my books and marketing materials on the floor behind me.  It is exciting but does stir up the insecurities of will they be still sitting there in a month?  I have multiple book selling events scheduled at bazaars and fairs. I am excited; meeting people face to face that love reading is very rewarding. Talking about my book and hearing their dreams of writing gives me great pleasure. Many Indie authors only go the eBook direction, and my books are available at all the eBook sites, but this limits the human interaction. There is something about seeing your book in print, a real live book and meeting live people. Writing is wonderful, but lonely. It is your thoughts, creations, dreams, nightmares and experiences. Discussing the book breathes life into it. It is now shared with another mind.

I watch as reviews come in and am thrilled when my readers find a deep revelation for their lives and their relationship with God. But with all the great reviews, I received my first tough review (well, lack of review) from a dear friend. She avoided the subject of my book and placing a review when we spoke because she lied about loving it. Her heart and God’s nudge compelled her to come clean.  I saw how painful it was for her to tell me that she hadn’t been honest about her reaction to my book.  The friend in her wanted to be kind, and when I asked her to place a review, she felt cornered. After we talked, I wondered for a moment if others felt the same and were only being nice. But then I shook it off, remembering that most of my reviews are from people I don’t personally know and many readers are ordering multiple copies for gifts.

I have shared tears with readers who were profoundly touched by the story. We tend to ignore the positive when one negative is thrown our way.  I sincerely thanked her and told her that there is a reason why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors. We don’t all love Rocky Road. I was relieved to hear that her issues were based on personal taste. She did see value in the characters, their stories and the outcome of the book.

Whatever you create, if it is from the heart, wallow in the joy that you did it. So many people talk, think, prepare, but never finish. Know that not everyone will connect with what you create, and that’s okay. If you love your book, art, music or crocheted hats for your cat …   WALLOW! Some will jump in and join you, while others will find their own mud hole.
Per Amazon, "Karen Slimick Arnpriester (October 1953) was born in Alton, Illinois and moved to California when she was eight. Karen has owned her own graphic art business for twenty years. Anessia's Quest is her first book. Anessia's Quest, will be starting a free eBook promotion on Amazon today,  Feb 1. Her second book, Raider's Vendetta is now available. Please visit Karen's website You will find pages for both books with synopsis, reviews and first twelve chapters as free download. Karen's blog page "My Thoughts" is also available at her site.Blog":

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