December 11, 2012

Invitation to TAKE FIVE

Authors are working hard to promote their books, and Southern Writers found a way to help our authors with promoting their books. We created 'Take Five'.  

This is your invitation to read from a chapter in your book, letting readers hear your writing style and receive a bonus, getting  to hear you read from your book. Just like at book signings and special events. Anytime you can read from your book to readers you will sell more books and gain new fans so when other books of yours come out they will want to go and buy that book and read it. There is something about hearing the author's voice read from their book that helps the reader get to know the author. It creates a bond.

Just like the National Book Festival who invited authors from across the country to entertain readers with insigths into their work...Southern Writers Magazine is inviting you the author to do the same on Take Five.

Readers like to hear what the book is about for sure, but they really like hearing you read from one of your chapters. The nice thing about Take could actually read each week something from your book or take and read the book through for the year, one chapter at a time. Sign up and let us show you how you can promote your reading on your sight to your fans so they can listen and find out all about your new book.

Starting today, as a Christmas present to our readers and authors, December 11th through December 31st, we are opening up our 'Take Five' to authors who are non-subscribers. You can go to our website, and click on 'Take Five' button. Follow the guidelines.

Then you can invite everyone who visits your website and/or blog, and your social medias
to come and hear you read your book.

We look forward to seeing and hearing you on TAKE FIVE. Take advantage of your Christmas present and upload your voice reading your book to your fans!

Susan Reichert
Southern Writers Magazine

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