December 21, 2012

Healing Ways through Writing

By Debi Andrews Golebiewski

Having an actual book in print always seemed like a dream that would never be fulfilled until Healing Ways Healthy Eating became a reality. Healing Ways was published in October 2012 and became available on November 17, 2012.

After six different diagnoses of cancer from 1978 to 2012, I knew I had a story to tell but just sharing life's journey wasn't enough. I wanted to be able to be an inspiration to others. I wanted other people to benefit from my experiences.

Cancer along with any other dreadful disease we’re faced with today can be devastating to someone who does not have faith and a will to survive. That in itself, is the reason I knew I needed to share my story.

At 21, I was pregnant, carrying a tumor that weighed as much as my baby did. The doctor wanted to take my baby so I could survive. I refused, but I am still alive today, at 55 years old. God had a plan in my life and now I believe it was to share my past with others and to do so in a way that other people could benefit. I have suffered through sinus, throat, breast and stomach cancer as well as my tumor in my female organs. But, life has been a blessing to me.

If you have a story to tell and a dream to fulfill as I do, writing is a pleasure that no one else can take from you. My first book, Healing Ways Healthy Eating, is a cookbook that is designed for preparation with natural ingredients.

In August 2012, I opened my business, Healing Ways, which is a small organics and natural Health Shoppe located in Saltillo, MS. It is a small, quaint and personal little shop designed so that I can work hand in hand with my clients to guide them toward a new healthier lifestyle.

My dream as a writer is being fulfilled as well as being able to help other people to work toward healthy living. I am presently busy writing my next book, non-fiction, entitled "You Say I Have What?"

In this book, I go in-depth, explaining Natural Health, supplements and the use of your own mind toward positive thinking. It is true that your own body can heal itself. You just have the task of keeping it healthy enough to do so.

If you have a dream in your heart as I do, choose to share it with others. Living in the South, you have wide-open spaces within which to dream and be creative.

Debi Andrews Golebiewski is a Southern Writer from Saltillo, MS. She spent her childhood years in Memphis, TN where she attended Kingsbury High School and The University of Memphis. After moving to Mississippi, Debi continued her education at Ole Miss and Itawamba Community College. Debi is married to her soul mate, Mike Golebiewski and they share three sons, James, Paden and Logan.

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