November 22, 2012

Give Thanks-Read and Review

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine

When you read a book, do you leave a review for the author? I have to admit, I forget to do that. But one thing I know–these reviews are important not just for the author but also for the reader.

For the reader it is obvious, it tells them if the book is interesting, worthy of their time. Will it keep their attention and will they come to know the characters that have been created and will they feel a part of the time this book is set in. Will they be glad and feel rewarded when they finish the book?

What about that author? Our reviewing their book helps them be noticed by all the forces that reign as to whether their book moves up the ladders of success. It also has these forces recommending the book to all who see and hear or whether it just lies there and dies a slow and painfully agonizing death.

One thing I think is important and that is for us to think of all the time and effort that went into the writing of the book you are holding in your hands. All the edits and re-edits to get it ready for publishing. Then think of that author as they sent query letters to agents/publishers to see if they might be interested in publishing their book. Do you ever wonder how many times that writer and particular manuscript may have been turned down, how many rejection letters they may have received before a publisher said, “Yes, I want to publish your manuscript!”  

Just imagine if you will the excitement that author must have felt when they held the book once it was published. This is something they created from beginning to end.

When you stop and think of it this way, you too can appreciate what the writer has done. They have created from nothing–something. This something can give hours of entertainment to others not just now but forever.

Let us all try to remember, the next time we read a book give it a review. Let your voice be heard.

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