November 9, 2011

They're Watching

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief
I thought of something very important this morning. Today is a new day. It’s my day. I can make it a good day or I can make it a bad day.  It will all be up to me. Regardless of what happens today, my attitude towards it will mean the difference between good or bad. 
Oh, I am aware that bad things do happen. I am also aware they happen to everybody eventually.  I think the key is how we handle those things. How we work through them. The attitude we have. Did we see the opportunity in it? 

We’re not alone; people will be watching to see how we handle those times. Will we walk the walk, and talk the talk or will we do a 360-degree turn around and sink down and down to nonfunctioning, or go into a ranting and raving mode or curl up and cry ourselves into a nervous breakdown?  We have many choices. I know for me that I would prefer to bring good out bad whenever it happens. It helps me go forward. What about you?

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