November 17, 2011

The Game of Writing is Won One Down at a Time!

I am one of those ladies that love football. I was one of those band geeks in high school and college so I couldn’t help but be involved. Now my oldest son plays the game. Oh and I forgot to mention I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Roll Tide). Enough said.

Football is a big part of my life; therefore when I started thinking about how I could get my writing game better, football terms came to mind. When I am writing and having other people read it (be it editors, friends, etc.), I am playing Defense. I don’t want the other side to break through my line and advance against me because of something I have written. I definitely don’t want any penalty flags thrown either or points scored. I want to protect my lead. 

Then, I thought but how did I get that lead? What got me here? That is my offense-Me actually writing! This is where my writing game is weak. I need to be playing offense a lot more. So here are some of my game plans on how I am going to try to achieve more time on offense.
           Using the clock wisely-In football, if you are ahead you want that clock to keep ticking so you get the ball off right at the last second. On the other hand, if you are behind you want to snap quickly and get 1st downs and completions that stop the clock. When writing, we need to be the same way. If we are ahead of our goals, we need to slow down and take assessments. We need to make sure it is our best work. If we are behind on deadlines and goals, then we need to break our goals down into small plays. The small yards can at up to points just as much as one big play. It makes you feel like you have accomplished more which gets you motivated.

2.      Controlling the ball and scoring-I am terrible about finding other projects I need to work on when writing. When you sit down to write and put that “ball” in your hand, you need to concentrate on getting to your goal whether it is editing, rewriting or starting a new piece. Work your game plan and do whatever it takes to get it there. Just remember the ultimate goal is the end zone (finishing your goal for that day).

3.      Protect the Quarterback-That’s you! Don’t allow those defensive players to stop you from making your play. Have a plan. If a distraction comes at you, be able to call another play. If you get sacked (if you have to stop and handle life), deal with it and then get right back on task. Don’t let anything keep you from your goal.

Sitting down to write is a discipline and just like in football you have to be trained and prepared to meet your opponents. As long as I know what keeps me from reaching my goals and make plans accordingly, then maybe at the end of the day, I will hear TOUCHDOWN SABRINA! 

Sabrina is a single mom to two boys who currently uses her English degree in her job.with RFMS in Tuscaloosa, AL. 

As a writer she has written for Lifeway's Preschool Worship Kid Style. She's known since high school she would become a writer when she was told she would one day writer the sequel to "Gone With the Wind". Too bad someone beat her to it.

During the fall, when she's not writing you'll find her cheering on her alma mater, The University of Alabama. Roll Tide!

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