November 21, 2011

The Eagle: My Bird of Choice for Thanksgiving

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

We have an ample share of literature, movies and magazines that highlight the underbelly of our society. It takes little effort to find the demonic, pornographic or profanity packed works. It is available at every turn and is promoted in every manner. I was speaking to an ACW group and explained that if not for having grandchildren who generously share their G rated movies I would think there was nothing else but R rated movies and literature out there.

There is a large selection of wonderful entertainment available to us all. My concern is it can be difficult to find if it is something other than a Disney, Pixar, Thomas Nelson or other well-funded studio or publisher that can get the word out. There are many well done presentations that cannot get funded due to either the personal taste, social agenda or marketing decisions of a few executives. The works that are produced and not promoted must get the word out by building a platform and networking. With today’s social media, networking is a viable alternative.

Winston Churchill once said, “When the eagles are silent the parrots begin to jabber.” Feeling the parrots have jabbered long enough, Southern Writers Magazine was founded to highlight good literature and the authors that bring it to us. I feel fortunate to be a part of the marketing effort. This Thanksgiving one of my many things to be thankful for is the fact there are others that feel the way we do and they too are pursuing the good and positive part of our world of literature. To each of you who have become a part of the Southern Writers Magazine Family I say Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving! May your bird of choice be the eagle as you dare to speak and write words that positively impact the world.

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