Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Get Real

by Carey Scott

Do you write with transparency and authenticity?
Do you give your reader an “insiders” view of your world?

Are you willing to be honest about your life…stumbles, fumbles and all?

You should be.
Why? Because when we are willing to be open about the struggles we face, it deeply encourages others. Something connects our hearts to the hearts of those who have overcome a difficult situation we are currently walking through. 

It gives us hope. And we all need a dose of that.
The late actor Christopher Reeve said, “Once you choose hope, anything's possible.” 

As writers, we have the opportunity to offer hope to the hurting by simply being…authentic.
When a writer decides to give the reader a peek inside their situation or circumstance, the result is a renewed hope things will indeed work out.

The reader’s strength is renewed.
How many times have you read, with endearment, an article about someone overcoming great obstacles that went on to live a life of contentment and purpose? We’re all drawn to those kinds of stories.

Not only did you find yourself rooting for their victory, you were able to see your situation in their story. And because they were able to stand through the storm, you were inspired to do the same.
Their life experience is powerful. And you know what? Your story is powerful, too.

It gives hope.
It encourages your readers to stand firm.

It proves that they can overcome. 
As writers, we can offer this to our readers. Our stories can give them the confidence freedom, restoration, change, forgiveness, etc. is possible. And when we openly share our lives with others, we become the poster-children for hope. 

So I wonder, what is your experience? What story in your life needs to be shared?
Have you overcome an addiction? Struggled with depression? Suffered the loss of a child? Faced a messy divorce? Survived a life of abuse? Beat the odds of an illness?

Friends, others need to hear your story.
When my family dealt with a difficult bully situation last year, I wrote a few very frank blogs about it. I shared details of what it looks like, the steps we took to rectify the situation, the emotional toll it took on all of us, and the results of our efforts.

The response I had was overwhelming.
I was awestruck by the number of people who were facing the same issue with one of their children. My heart broke hearing their stories. Countless people thanked me for my willingness to be real about what we were dealing with.

My authenticity gave others hope.
Yours will, too.

As a writer, are you looking to make an impact? Then purpose to write with honesty, transparency, candor and openness.
The world needs your words because they have the power to offer…hope. 
An inspirational speaker and writer, Carey is honest about her life journey…stumbles, fumbles and all. Her goal is to challenge others to be real and authentic and she does this through her blog titled “Let’s Get Real”.  She’s a little in your face, always honest and relentless in prodding you to stop living a life of comfort and instead get on the battlefield.

Carey gets authentic with moms every Wednesday on Moms Together where she serves as a moderator and panelist. She also leads women through her position of speaker and writer for the LeadHer organization. You can connect with Carey online through Twitter and Facebook.  She is a happily married mom of two living in Colorado. 

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