September 28, 2011

Free to Good Home...

CONTEST: One of our SOUTHERN WRITERS has a contest for you. Enter the drawing of Jonna Turner author of Shiloh and the Cave.

Would you like a free copy of my latest novel, Shiloh and the Cave, or a free online copy of the September issue of Southern Writers Magazine--with tips, how-tos, and sound advice for budding authors as well as established authors? And, reviews of some of the latest Southern novel...s.

Here’s your chance to win! Just come up with a good Southern name for the female protagonist in my next Southern Mystery set in present day.

Tips: The character will be in her late twenties, beautiful, sassy, and Southern to the bone!

The top five names will be chosen (Use your own name if you’re adventurous!) and will appear as characters in my next mystery novel(s). The first-place winner will receive a copy of Shiloh and the Cave and a copy of Southern Writers Magazine. Four other names will be chosen. Winners will receive a copy of the September issue of Southern Writers Magazine.

Be creative and have fun! Post your entries on my Jonna Turner page. Winners will be chosen and notified on October 14th. Winners’ names will be posted on the Southern Writers Magazine’s Facebook page, my Jonna Turner page, and my website: Have fun and good luck!

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