April 1, 2024

Finding God In The Garden

Tending a garden awakens something deep in our hearts. Perhaps that’s because the joys and trials involved in nurturing, protecting, and growing beautiful plants have so many parallels to tending the garden of our souls. Finding God in the Garden will help you celebrate the metaphors of the garden, quiet your mind, celebrate each day, and be in awe of God’s creation each day.

Finding God in the Garden offers a bounty of spirit lifting devotionals that will speak to your heart in a unique and inspiring way. You’ll find over 100 devotions complete with quotes, poems, Scriptures, and prayers that invite you to step into the garden, find God’s wisdom there, and draw closer to the Master Gardener of your soul. 

Devotions include:

  • Quick 2-minute reflections that will plant new seeds of faith in your life
  • Poems and verses to celebrate the parallels between gardening and daily life
  • Scriptures to remind you that God is with you in every season

Whether you cultivate a formal garden or tend a planter filled with herbs and flowers, these devotions will speak to your heart and fill you with peace. The reflections will help you marvel at the glory of the garden and remember that you are God’s precious creation. You can rest in the knowledge that He is the Master Gardener of your life, tending to your soul and helping you grow. Finding God in the Garden delivers spiritual blessings that will nourish and sustain your faith. Don’t wait to experience the joy and harmony this new devotional brings.

Suite T wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter.


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