March 4, 2024

Political Forces Bent on Burying the Truth


When American covert operative Chase Fulton leaves the battlefield to hone and shape the next generation of warriors who would step into his tracks and preserve the very ideals of liberty and freedom from tyranny, he’s forced to face the painful memories and life-altering decisions of his past while driving a new breed of fighters to face his own demons headlong without stumbling.

Just when Chase believes his days of living with a rifle in his hands have finally come to an end and benevolent fate has allowed him to walk away, necessity calls and will not be denied.

A team of American operators deployed to stop an unthinkable act of terror on Western soil has gone missing, leaving no trail and no trace, but Chase and his team must race against the relentless clock and political forces hellbent on burying the truth of their involvement in a terror plot designed to strike at the very foundations of our nation.

Conspiracy, terrorism, tyranny, and contempt for true freedom stand arm in arm against Chase and the team. Will they rise to defeat the diabolical, unyielding forces, or have they finally locked horns with a beast who will not be defeated?

Cap Daniels is a former sailing charter captain, scuba and sailing instructor, pilot, Air Force veteran, and civil servant of the U.S. Department of Defense. Raised far from the ocean in rural East Tennessee, his early infatuation with salt water was sparked by the fascinating, and sometimes true, sea stories told by his father, a retired Navy chief petty officer. Those stories of adventure on the high seas sent Cap in search of adventure of his own, which eventually landed him on Florida’s Gulf Coast where he and his wife Melissa spend as much time as possible on, in, and under the waters of the Emerald Coast.

With a headful of larger-than-life characters and their thrilling exploits, Cap pours his love of adventure and passion for the ocean onto the pages of his action adventure series, The Chase Fulton Novels, and his new series Avenging Angel - Seven Deadly Sins.

Inspired by the likes of John D. Macdonald’s Travis McGee, Randy Wayne White’s Doc Ford, and Wayne Stinnett’s Jesse McDermitt, Cap creates thrilling tales of action and adventure set throughout the Caribbean and coastal Florida and Georgia by intertwining nautical adventure with international espionage. Cap’s Chase Fulton Novels series promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats, trying to guess what new danger or adventure lies just around the corner.

The Avenging Angel - Seven Deadly Sins series is a spin-off starring the most controversial and intriguing character from the Chase Fulton Novels. After defecting to the United States, Anastasia "Anya" Burinkova, a former Russian SVR assassin and intelligence operative puts her lethal skill set into action against the powerful Russian Mafia. In this gritty, organized-crime thriller series, Cap Daniels takes his readers into the dark underworld of the Russian Mafia weaving actual events into fiction to leave the reader's heart pounding and their fingers itching to turn the page.

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