March 11, 2024

Have You Had To Make Changes In Your Life?

"Lin Stepp's Newest Book! Great Read." Susan Reichert, author of "Conquering Ours Fears With Christ"

Sometimes life's unexpected hardships force you to consider drastic changes you'd never have dreamed of but lead in time to some sweet and unexpected joys.

Laura O'Dell's life lately has been full of nothing but problems. Her father has died, she's lost her home, and now the family business she owns and loves is being taken by imminent domain to make way for a widened road. On top of it all, her sister and boyfriend came for a visit at Christmas and have stayed on and on, freeloading on her good nature. Maybe as Lillian advises, it's time to seek a big life change as far away from Amory, Mississippi as possible.

When Mitchell Quinlan dropped by a new business in Waynesville, NC, to welcome the owner and put in a word for employment for some friends, he was unprepared for the jolt of unexpected feelings that hit him in meeting Laura O'Dell. As a sensible businessman, he'd thought that sort of attraction a figment or books or movies. Yet, as he gets to know Laura, he learns she is holding a lot of secrets and not open to share them with him.


"Lin Stepp's newest book ... is a sweet, heartwarming story that is difficult to put down once you start it. Even the secondary characters will steal your heart as you follow the heroine's touching journey from heartbreak to healing." - Joan Medlicott, USA Today Bestselling author of The Ladies of Covington series

"This warm-hearted novel ... will make readers eager for more of Lin Stepp's -endearing stories. A richly satisfying novel of love, family, and friendship." - Deborah Smith, New York Times Bestselling author

"I've finally come across someone that believes in all the things that I do.... Dr. Lin Stepp, I salute you."
- Dolly Parton

"Another warm, clean romance with Appalachian flare and small-town charm." -AC, Reading Lark Review

Lin Stepp is a native Tennessean, a businesswoman, a college faculty member, and an author.She has been on faculty at Tusculum College for over 16 years and has worked in marketing, sales, production art, and regional publishing for over 25 years.

Starting in 2009, her fictional novels in the Smoky Mountain series began to come out. All these novels are contemporary romance - with a dash of suspense, a touch of inspiration, and a big dollop of Appalachian flavor. Each of the twelve novels is set in a different place around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park so readers get to enjoy a visit to the mountains along with a good, heartwarming story.

To read more about these novels, visit author's website at:

You can also see photos of the bookcovers by clicking on More Photos under her picture on goodreads.Goodreads


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