December 7, 2023

The Story Behind the Story of “BeeBop: The Honeybee Wannabee Hero!”

Truth Bee Told

When my children were young, they expected a new story every night. During story time theywere fully engaged, listening to every detail. Maybe they liked the story, or maybe they just wanted to put off going to sleep. Whatever the reason, we had their attention and found story time to be a great opportunity to impart moral values and teach positive character traits. After all, the Greatest Teacher used parables to teach moral lessons.

BeeBop is one of the stories I told my kids. BeeBop is an orphan bee, adopted by a hive. Like our children, he attended class to learn how to “beecome” a productive member of the hive. While in school he meets Buzz, a much bigger bee, who makes fun of him and points out to everybee, “He’s not one of us.” Everyone who has ever been in school has had to deal with bullies, so our kids quickly identified with BeeBop. He also meets BettyBee, who becomes his best friend.

The hive desperately needs a major nectar find before winter and BeeBop makes a big
discovery. He races to the hive to announce his great find, but Buzz calls him a liar. Nobee beeleaves him, except his one loyal friend.

BettyBee, and a wise old bee named Elderbee convince the hive to take a chance on BeeBop.Elderbee whispers to BeeBop, “Don’t let me down, young bee. Never disappoint the hive.”
BeeBop responds, “Thank you sir, I will never let you or the hive down.”

All available forager bees travel a great distance to retrieve the nectar BeeBop described. But, when they arrive, the flowers are gone. Buzz says, “I told you he was lying.” Rejected, and shamed by the hive, BeeBop loses hope, but BettyBee tells him he should “never give up.”

He shakes off his gloom and solves the mystery of the missing flowers, but the hive won’t listen. He’s thrown into BeeJail on a charge of unbeecoming beehavior. If convicted he’ll be expelled from the hive, the most devastating penalty any bee can suffer. Risking everything, BettyBee flies all night to search for evidence to help her friend.

BeeBop must overcome despair, doubt, a bully and even a bear. He must make the best use of all the skills he learned in school if he is to have any chance to solve the mystery of the missing flowers, save the hive, and regain the respect of his best friend. This is a story of loyalty, bravery, determination, and forgiveness written for readers of all ages Our kids loved it, and I hope yours will, too.

James D. Bell is a retired judge and the award-winning author of two legal thrillers, Vampire Defense and Maximilian’s Treasure. Judge Bell and his wife Joanne tell stories at their home next to a bubbling brook near Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

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