December 21, 2023

Ever Met Someone Who Impacted Your Life?

Where Christmas once brought joy and happiness for the King family, in recent years, it has been overshadowed by sorrow. As they endeavor to carry on their father’s legacy, the King triplets meet people who impact their lives in ways they never expected.

Since his father tragically passed away four years ago, Hunter King has done his best to step into his shoes. That has included being a support for his triplet siblings, Hayden and Heather, and their mom. Christmas is the hardest time of year for the family since it was their dad’s favorite holiday, and he always threw himself into the festivities, both for his family and for people around them, especially those in need.

As Christmas nears once again, Hunter comes across a single mom and her young daughter, who are tenants in a rundown building that has been earmarked for demolition. Hunter feels responsible for their situation since he had bought the building specifically to tear down, so he and his family try to do what they can to help them.

Carissa Jenkins is near rock bottom and desperate to find a new place for her and her daughter, Rachel, to live. When she finds herself with the attention of Hunter King, owner of the building and uber-rich businessman, she isn’t sure what to think. However, her circumstances mean that she has no choice but to accept the help that the King family offers.

As she and Hunter are drawn into each other’s lives, they discover a shared grief. Though Carissa isn’t convinced that she and Rachel are anything but a charity for the Christmas season for the King family, she finds herself falling for the man. Carissa struggles with her feelings because she feels indebted to Hunter and his family after everything they’ve done for her and Rachel and thinks a relationship would be unequal.

Christmas brings healing and a renewed joy for both families. Will it also bring an unexpected chance at love as they discover that not every gift is wrapped beneath the Christmas tree?

As a daughter to missionary parents, USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Rae Jordan spent the first 18 years of her life in Asia with only periodic visits "home" to Canada. With limited access to television, Kimberly spent many hours reading and creating stories in her head. Thus began her love of the written word! She enjoys reading Christian romance (Inspirational Romance), Romantic Suspense and most anything by Dean Koontz!

The years that followed her high school graduation and subsequent return to Canada involved becoming a wife and a mother to 4 beautiful children. Though the past several years have taken some unexpected twists and turns and have had ups and downs, God continues to work. "Under construction" is the best way to describe Kimberly's life!

Along with writing, Kimberly loves to read, bake and pin craft ideas on Pinterest...and once in a while, she actually tries her hand at one! Living in the cold of central Canada, Kimberly finds winters a great time to hunker down with a good book or spend time getting to know the characters for her next book. She loves to write about the dynamics of faith, family and love in the context of a fiction novel. In addition to entertaining through her stories, Kimberly hopes to inspire and encourage her readers in their own journeys of faith and love.

Visit her webpage at You can also follow her on twitter at @KimberlyRJordan and like her author page on Facebook at Kimberly also writes sweet romance under the name K.R. Jordan.

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