January 20, 2022

NOSTALGIC MOMENT with John J. Zelenski 2018


  January 31, 2018

When One Door Closes, Don’t Jump Through The First Window

As many in the publishing world may be aware, Tate Publishing & Enterprises ceased operations several months ago and left many authors, including myself, angry, hurt, and confused. Many questions immediately surfaced such as rights to ownership, back payment of royalties, and of course the huge decision on how and where to republish our works. Slowly and painfully, questions were answered and the last one that remained was ultimately the most important to me.

How do I get my books back into the marketplace?

As authors in today’s world, we have more choices than ever on how to publish (or republish) our works and perhaps that creates a problem in and of itself– choices. CreateSpace and a number of indie publishing platforms are readily available for those who have the time, patience, and tech savvy to tackle self-publishing. You remain in complete control of your works and all money is yours to keep from sales. Then there is traditional publishing -the high and lofty Holy Grail for most authors. The credibility and respect that comes from being accepted by a traditional press is certainly something to be proud of and can potentially open many doors to possibilities that self-publishing cannot.

Speaking for myself, I chose to search out a traditional publisher that could bring my books back to market, that would allow me to remain in control of rights and give me the personal attention that I felt my books deserved. I believe I have found such a company with my new publisher Peasantry Press. Their team is a talented group of people and very receptive to my thoughts and insights concerning the uniqueness of my novels.

But what about you? Should you find yourself in a similar situation, my best advice to give would be to step back and allow some time. Time first of all to heal – the anger, bitterness, and other negative feelings that can block a sound decision. Immediately jumping into another bad situation can bring you back to exactly the same ugly spot down the road, or worse yet, cause you to lose your rights to your works. Whether you chose the self-publishing model or choose to seek out a traditional publisher, there should never be a need to sign anything on a whim, especially without some prayerful thought and consideration to how these choices may affect you five or ten years down the road.

In the world of publishing, as many can attest to, time can be our biggest nemesis…. or sometimes it can be our greatest ally. Take your time, find the publisher that works best for your needs, and remember to close that drafty window of impulsion.

Born in beautiful Northeastern, Pennsylvania, John was raised in a strict Christian home where “the fear of the Lord” was taught and put into practice daily. It was a different type of fear however, which proved to be the catapult that started John on the road to the supernatural.

When John and his family moved to their new home in 1977, a series of strange and otherworldly events followed their arrival. Only after two ministers performed a cleansing in each of the rooms of the home, did the paranormal activities cease. Having seen firsthand that there is more to life than meets the physical eye, John started a lifelong journey of research and dedication toward understanding the supernatural. John states, “The supernatural is usually thought of in terms like ghosts, and goblins, but in all actuality, the supernatural simply means that which cannot be explained by natural forces or laws. This can mean evil manifestations yes, but also miracles, supernatural blessings, and divine providence.”

Taking this knowledge and blending it with his passion for storytelling, John’s first work was the award-winning novel, Walker’s Vale. Combining elements of his own experiences with a natural flair for descriptive writing, Walker’s Vale has been released in two editions to fabulous reviews of critics, comparing the storytelling to that of Ted Dekker and Frank Perietti.

Johns’ follow-up to Walker’s Vale was another award-winning effort titled, The Journal of Ezekiel Walker. This novel and prequel to Walker’s Vale, retells the eerie history of the small, fictional town of Walker’s Vale, Pennsylvania. John states, “It was a great honor and pleasure to have The Journal of Ezekiel Walker endorsed by friend and Christian music legend, Les Carlsen of Bloodgood.”

John’s writing accomplishments include being selected as one of the Fifty Great Writers You Should Be Reading, The Spirt-Filled Recognition of Achievement, Five Star Seal from Reader’s Favorite, and placing within the final Top Ten of the 2018 Author Academy Awards. Other short stories by John have appeared on The Untold Podcast and in Hello Horror Literary Journal. John is also an active member of the Horror Writers Association.

John has appeared on television, radio, print, and in public speaking events to tell his story.

When not writing, John enjoys spending time with his family, collecting sports cards and memorabilia, and playing bass guitar.

His motto resides in the words of one of his favorite characters in Walker’s Vale in that, “Not everything in this life can be explained.”

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