April 12, 2021

Writing - A Lonely Profession?

Susan Reichert

All writers know we have chosen a lonely profession. However, it is not always lonely. Especially if we participate in all the things open to writers.

There are writer’s groups, critique groups, webinars, podcasts, and writer conferences. All of these give us the opportunity to network with like-minded people and through these opportunities we develop wonderful friendships who are right there with us.

While at conferences, professionals are educating us on the writing craft. They help us learn the ins and outs of writing techniques to help us become more successful in our writing. They are delighted to answer any questions we have and to make our learning experience better. A perk with this is networking with someone in the business that knows what you need and can give you answers based on real experience. They graciously teach us more about our industry.

Another opportunity at a writers conference is we meet agents and publishers and spend time with them, face to face. These contacts are invaluable. And the perks? Having their full attention to pitch our work to them; we get to pick their brain. And remember they are also looking for people who have a book or book idea. This is a great benefit for writers.

One thing for sure, attending a conference will improve our writing, learn more about the industry and network with some great people.

We will be inspired by the people we meet and hear and being surrounded by other writers will energize and refresh us.

The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference is coming soon. It is a conference we do not want to miss. It is considered the premier training and networking event for both seasoned and aspiring writers and speakers. Their workshops are some of the bests in the industry. Here we will interact with the top professionals in the industry. Truly a conference that is made for a writer.

Whether you are a professional writer expanding your skills and networking contacts, or a brand-new writer just beginning to chase your dream, this Christian Writers Conference is the ideal opportunity to take your creative goals to a higher level.

Edie Melson and DiAnn Mills are Co-Directors of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. They bring much more to the table than their combined half-century of writing expertise. They exhibit a proven passion to equip writers today.

To get more information about this conference click on this link:


They also offer special Facebook Live training in our Blue Ridge Conference Writers FB group ( ). This is called Mentoring Moments and is led by coordinators Edwina Perkins and Karynthia Phillips. It is held twice a month in April on Monday evening (the next one is the 19th) and every Monday evening in May. Attendees can also pay for a mentor to help them get ready for the conference for $70. Here is a link to all that information:

The blue ridge conference also now has a podcast run by Linda Goldfarb: Your Best Writing Life:

We all need an inspiring week of writing, encouragement, and inspiration.

Susan Reichert is the founder of Southern Author Services and Editor of Suite T. Prior to this was the co-publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a national magazine for authors and readers.

She is the author of Between Me and You, God’s Prayer Power and Storms in Life, numerous magazine articles, and in 9 anthology books. Speaker at writing conferences, seminars, libraries and founder of Collierville Christian Writers Group (CCWriters Group).

Reichert has a passion for writing about God in devotionals and inspirational works.

She and her husband live in Tennessee. They have four grown daughters with families of their own.

Visit Susan at:


Member of the:  DAR; First Families of Mississippi.


  1. Thank you, Susan, we appreciate your support!

  2. You are welcome DiAnn. It is wonderful that writers have this opportunity to attend this conference. Especially after 2020. To meet with professionals who can help with the writing craft and meet-up with writers we know and meet new writers is such a joy. Thank you for all you and Edie do for us writers.

  3. Susan, Thank you for posting this. I've missed being able to attend writing conferences in person. Although there is much to be appreciated about online conferences, there is nothing like the personal contact and networking that go along with being there in person. The Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference looks like the perfect one to get back in the game!

    1. So true Kay. Being there in person just can't be beat!!!

  4. I loved my time at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference! I hope to go again if I can ever not have a June deadline!

    1. Thanks Patricia for your comment. Having deadlines can interrupt good times, good networking and good education. But alas, there will be other times.