Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Numbers, Truth and Mystery

Susan Reichert

There are so many things we are hearing on the news about this COVID-19 . . .some days they tell us the numbers are down and the next day they are telling us it is way up. For me, I confess I am having a difficult time believing everything I hear on the news. I wonder if the numbers are true or embellished. This is not to create an argument but just stating a fact of where I am currently.

I love reading mysteries . . . and I am always trying to read between the lines of the stories. Hoping to figure out the “who done-it” before the author reveals the culprit. Perhaps therefore, to a degree, my skepticism is showing regarding the COVID numbers.

Like a book, I look to see who has motive, is there a hidden agenda, or who will benefit from what is going on. So, you can see my dilemma, especially when you are an avid reader of mystery. Do I look at current events realistically or through tinted eyes of mystery?

Also, I must admit, I believe there are times you must take things with a grain of salt.

But whatever the case, we do have this COVID virus going on and it has stopped us from seeing our friends unless we skype, zoom or facetime. It has prevented us from hugging those we love; meeting up for dinner, going to a movie or concert, and visiting our loved ones in a nursing home or hospital. It has even stopped us from going to church. It is almost like we are being isolated from each other.

When you put that on paper, you could take it and write a thriller. Only it would not be fiction it would be reality. 

Susan Reichert, is the Director of Southern Author Services, Suite T and the president and founder of Collierville Christian Writers Group. She is also the retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine and publisher.

God's Prayer Power and Storms in Life.

Susan and her husband live in Tennessee
with three of their daughters and their families.