November 6, 2020

COVID-19 A Toll Taken On All

Sandra Mansfield Wright

COVID-19 has taken its toll on everyone in different ways. The virus scare has changed our perceptions and thinking in general. How we people can be led to do things totally out of character and even sometimes against our beliefs is unsettling. Because we have been told so much contradictory information throughout the pandemic, we did not know who to believe. Our faith in people of leadership has been tested and shaken. People and organizations previously trusted, we are now questioning. Our very value and faith systems have been tried through this. Even people within ones’ own family hold different views on the virus situation in America. We all at times have been afraid, disappointed, worried, and even angry.

I feel the isolation and “social distancing” mandated for several months caused me to realize, probably for the first time in my entire life, how blessed I have been up until this time. Having family and friends near to hug, to hold, and to interact with was something I once took for granted, but never will again. Just a simple handshake to an acquaintance no longer will go unappreciated. I am a hugger, and the lack of interaction with fellow human beings caused a deep sadness and loss in my life.

On the positive side, the staying at home caused me to write two new books which were published this year. The first one, Gentleness, I began writing because I felt people had forgotten how to “play well with others” and get along. We, as a society, seemed to have lost the ability to allow others to have opinions different from our own without hate and bitterness. The second book, Strength, began while in isolation when I found myself singing the old hymns of faith out loud as I went around my home. I send a scripture and prayer text to a group every day. During this time of isolation, to these I added a hymn which went along with the scripture and prayer. There was such a positive response to this, the idea came to incorporate this into a book. If these helped me and helped my loved ones, then they might help others who were fearful, lonely, or troubled. So, even though the pandemic and isolation were meant for bad, God used the time for good in my life. The very writing of these two books got me through this difficult time. In writing and research for the two books, I found myself strengthened and encouraged.

Along with many of you, I saw great positives come out of the pandemic isolation. The seclusion seemed to bring out hidden talents and creativity in people all over the country. People thought of new ways to communicate, gather together yet keep their distance, work from home in new ways, have creative family bonding time, and reach out through music and writing.

Let us all appreciate and be thankful for the little everyday things which make our lives good. After this time of social isolation, I know I will never take for granted a smile (without a mask) and a hug from a loved one or friend.

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant 

it for good in order to bring about this present result.”  Genesis 50: 20 (NASB) 

After retiring from her career in real estate, Sandra Mansfield Wright became an interior designer for the heart. She writes and speaks on the subject of joy and provides practical ways to bring joy more fully into the lives of her listeners.

She is the author of the book Strength; the book Gentleness; Growing in Hope; The Posture of Hope; Little Gifts of Joy and 365 Daily Gifts of Joy. 

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  1. This is great!
    Both books have been a blessing!
    They are very different, yet same uplifting messages about the Lord’s steadfast blessings..,if we just look to Him!

  2. Sandy that you for sharing with us today. Like you I have missed hugging my friends . . .geting together for coffee . . . and writing groups. But the one thing that has been constant is my friends keep in contact, with phone and zoom and cards. I know we will all be glad when this is over; hope it will be soon.

    Your book covers are beauiful. I always enjoy reading your books, for they always uplift me. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Sandra for sharing your thoughts. So many things to learn during a pandemic.

  4. Susan, I hope it will be soon too. Blessings to all!