October 11, 2019

Everyone has a Book in Them

By April Craft

Have you ever had thoughts racing through your mind so often that you wake up in the middle of the night and feel wide awake? I know I do. Get your favorite pen, write down some things you know you'll forget when you fall back asleep. Even better just walk over to your laptop or desktop as the light reflecting from the screen helps you type how you're feeling. 

You start to feel the release of worries, pain, consideration as your typing speed is up with great visions in ink as if it was your own personal vision board in words. How intense! See we all have been through life experiences from challenges we never thought we would overcome to the amazing accolades we are sometimes ashamed to boast about.

We have those few people that we vent to about relationships, religion, work environment and even our health status. People still not knowing how much is still bottled up within us. Men hold in their feelings and come off as insensitive roller-coasters because the world has told them sensitivity is not manly. Women have learned to be so strong that they lose the nurturing characteristics God gave them to make the world a little softer.

We lose sight on things as we grow from in this world not knowing that everything, we go through has a purpose and reason for each season. It's hard being this or that to make him or her happy.
That's why we must understand how every name created and body defined has a book within them that's why we were designed; to relate and help others.  

It's not easy or always right but we all have the inner ability to write because everyone has a book in them.
April Craft is from Memphis, TN, born and raised. She has been raised to put God first and everything else will follow. She is a part of many organizations that helps people confidence. She also helps the community with health and wellness tips and encouragement. She has been wanting her own business since a young girl seeing her single mother work hard for others, just to provide a comfortable living for her and her oldest brother Keith Craft. She pursed her education in Business Administration at Southwest Community College (2009), continuing at the University of Memphis in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Management (2012), and now she has earned her Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business (2016). April has been focused on her education so now she can pursue her dream as a full-time entrepreneur/writer/philanthropist with prayer and support from family and friends. Her favorite saying is “Without God I am nothing, but with Him anything is possible”.Social Media Links: Facebook Instagram and Amazon Link

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