Friday, July 12, 2019

Writing with Purpose-Part 1

By Randy Kay

I learned to write with purpose when I discovered why I write. It began by developing a process starting with this simple question, “Does this help my readers?” Helping others overcome challenges is my writing theme. Yours may be different. A writing theme promotes a passion, something that you can uniquely impart to the reader based on an expertise or calling. It says something like: “I’m making a positive difference in someone’s life, and this is how….” Having a theme for what you do qualifies everything with purpose. If someone is writing to simply “entertain,” then he/she can get lost in a myriad of choices. But, if someone’s writing is to “help others,” then that person can draw from his or her passion and abilities to write with a nobility of intention. And that makes you a writer with purpose.   
My latest book started after I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea to help others overcome brokenness – seminal events that caused devastation. My writing began with a piping cup of coffee and notations of those kinds of life altering trials in my own life. When the writing flowed, I did not share my successes, but my failures. Tears followed several pages as I relived my hardest times, and the sufferings of those I’ve loved. The result was Dying to Meet Jesus, which is being published by Chosen/Baker Publishing for a January 7, 2020 launch. Another project was born from years of training over one million people. My research project to uncover the skills for thriving lasted decades, and produced a book and course called, The Power to Thrive!
I typically write when some nagging problem boils over into my ability to help solve it. Even if it goes nowhere, at least I’ve been faithful to my own purpose to help others succeed in an often-challenging world. It always starts with answering why am I writing, and does it fit with my purpose for helping others succeed. The second part of my blog post will appear on Monday.
Randy Kay is the Chief Learning Officer of PACEsetters (, a leader in human development and the first to introduce a validated course on thriving skills. He is also Chairman and CEO of TenorCorp, a diversified strategic development firm. Randy Kay is an author of six books, and the author of Dying to Meet Jesus, due for release January 7, 2020 by Chosen, a division of Baker Publishing. Earlier in his career he served as CEO of a biotech company and a media company, commercial executive with companies like Johnson & Johnson, and chairman or board member for numerous philanthropic organizations. Since graduating from Northwestern University, Kay has trained over one million persons and has been the leader for over twenty different organizations. His first book, The 22 Most Important Things covers every topic related to success - day-by-day - 366 topics brimming with ideas, tools, and tactics for living life to the fullest, and includes the collective experience of generations of success experts through one comprehensive book arranged by calendar day for daily growth. Subsequent books include The Power to Thrive, based on a 30-year multidisciplinary study of exceptional leaders; and, The 22 Most Important Things.Kay has written for magazines including Forbes, Inc., and the Wall Street Journal, and has been interviewed by various broadcasting channels across the United States Training Website: Author Blog:  Podcast:

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