July 10, 2019

Create a Character Profile

By Lawrence Verigin

One of the most important tools to have when writing a good story is to use a character profile sheet. It’s like an interview on each character that will help you stay consistent throughout your story. 

Whenever I need a new character, I print off the pages of my blank profile and then answer all of the questions. Once the new character is created, the sheets go into a binder that is at my side throughout the novel writing process.  

You want to make sure the character’s eyes remain the same color, their mannerisms, how they respond to certain situations, common words they use, etc.   
This is especially important when writing a series. 

Here is the profile form I’ve adapted from the one given to me by Elizabeth George, when I was learning how to write well enough to become a published author. Feel free to copy it or change it to make it your own: 

Character Profile 

Hair color: 
Eye color: 
Favorite Color: 
Drink of choice: 
How do they look at people: overt, good contact, stare
Physical peculiarities/markings: 
Educational background: 
Family (parents, siblings etc.) 
Motivation: To win something, to stop something, to escape something, to retrieve something, to destroy something, to solve something. 
Inner Motivation: Love, revenge, greed, justice, jealousy, survival, moral 
Ambition in life/quest: 
Gestures when talking and tone of voice: 
Character strengths: loyal, moral, perseverance, sex drive, cunning, wisdom, honesty, smart, strong, tenacious, forgiveness, self sacrifice, charisma, self aware, clever, complex, physical, proficient, non-judgmental, decisive, observant, passionate, wit, spontaneous? 
Character weaknesses: obsessive compulsive, inner conflict, addictive, mean, insecure, greedy, self absorbed, inconsiderate, schemer, self doubt, lack of confidence, temper, fear of commitment, addictions? 
What’s their wound? 
How do they perceive themselves? 
Political leaning: 
What others first notice about him/her: 
Is character likeable, powerful, funny, dislikeable? 
What does character do for a living: 
What’s work place like: 
Archetype/Based On: 
What level does the character start atLoves themselves, Loves one other person, Loves group of people, Loves community, and Loves world  
What level does character end: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?
What Kind of Vehicle do they drive?
Where do they live?
How do they dress?
Do they have an accent/speech impediment?
Common words:
Common expressions/traits/quirks:
Story Points:
Lawrence Verigin is the author of the multiple award-winning Dark Seed trilogy - DARK SEED, SEED of CONTROL and BEYOND CONTROL. Lawrence's goal is to entertain readers while delving into socially relevant subjects that need more attention brought to them. In his spare time Lawrence enjoys cooking good food, rich red wine, travel, running, reading and numerous rounds of golf. Lawrence and his wife, Diana, live in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada. To contact Lawrence Verigin, go to: Website:
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