Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Get Out of the Mainstream!

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine   

What does it take to succeed? People look for this secret. The funny thing is, it’s not hiding.

In short, success is achieving what we work for.

We each define what success is for ourselves. For me it might be getting an interview with a hard to reach International Best Seller. To a Pro Football owner, it is winning the Super Bowl. Each of us defines what our success looks like.

For a writer, success is when they finish writing their book. When an agent/publisher accepts the book, that is success for the writer. When the book releases, again, that is success.

But how does the author become successful in selling their book?


There are thousands of authors telling about their books on Social Medias, websites and other venues. Why would your books be noticed more than the other author’s books?

I’m not saying don’t use the venues to market, talk about, promote your book…you should. The more places you have your name the more buzz you create.

Some people may disagree with my assessment, but I feel the author is the “brand”. The book is the product.

Books release, authors market for several months, then move on to marketing the next book. Titles are always changing. But your name doesn’t. That is why I call your name a brand.  If I read a book from an author and liked it, then I will remember their name and check to see when they have another book releasing.

By getting out of the mainstream and bringing attention to your name too, you have a better advantage of being successful as an author.