April 15, 2019

Twenty Discoveries from a Writers’ Conference, Part Two

By Marilyn Nutter

In Part One of Twenty Discoveries from a Writers’ Conference, which appeared on Friday, I shared ten take aways I found after reviewing my notes and reflecting on my schedule and conversations. Part two gives my final ten.

1.      Join conversations at writers’ conferences. These may be a different kind of appointment. Don’t dismiss the possibility you might hear a nugget to encourage you or set you on a path. I had several at this conference, and the people don’t even know how they impacted me. And, be an encouragement to others. Share writing opportunities.

2.      Be a listener. I know what I know. I want to know what someone else knows.
3.      Position yourself to be a learner and be teachable. In John Mason’s book, Be Yourself, he writes “Remember, if you try to go it alone, the fence that shuts others out, also shuts you in.” 
4.      Accept criticism with discernment and humility. Know that it’s one person’s feedback. Perhaps that person can’t identify with your genre or topic or perhaps he is spot on.
5.      Take time to rest and refresh. We can’t run on empty.
6.      Trust God and wait on His timing.
7.      Identify my personal enemies: distractions, negative self-talk, zeal without prayer.
8.      Be thankful.
9.      Honor God by living His priorities for me-family, personally, and in writing.
10.  Partner with Him. He is the author and the one who has called me.
Conference takeaways are not necessarily a contract, request to send a proposal, or offer to guest post on a blog. I’m seeing it’s about learning who I am and who God wants me to become.  Number 20-yes, with courage and trust, “He will fulfill His purpose for me.” (Psalm 138:8a ESV) ###
Marilyn Nutter is a contributor to magazines, on-line sites, and compilations. She is a Bible teacher, speaker for women’s groups, and serves on the women’s ministry team at her church. She lives in Greer, SC. Visit to find her blog and extraordinary treasures in ordinary and challenging days. Social Media Links: Website: LinkedIn: Marilyn Nutter Pinterest: Marilyn Marotta Nutter Facebook: Marilyn Marotta Nutter

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