October 15, 2018


By Sherese Lyons

The Call-As I think about all the distractions one could face, none are as intense as when you are trying to do the thing God has called you to do. I can remember when the Lord began to show me that he designed me to write. Of course, I rejected the idea at first. But it wasn’t an idea it was a mandate. The messages intensified. I began to accept the calling on my life. When I wholeheartedly embraced his call, what he poured into me, it rapidly began to pour out of me through my pen. At any time of the day or night, the Holy Spirit was giving me topics to write about. The hard part was; how would I do it, and I needed to steal my own time and space to do it.

How I wrote 14 books in a little under three years. Issues that youth face began to consume me. I would right them down, saying to myself, I would get to them later. Later would never come because those topics would continue to brew in me, until I stopped what I was doing and wrote out what was being downloaded into me. I was being filled with motivational ways to handle young adult issues. Sometimes I would be awakened at 11:00pm, with an entire story to write. My sleep pattern changed. When awakened late at night, I would write into the early morning hours of 5:00am or 6:00am. I accepted it as the norm. While my family was cozy and snuggled in their beds, I was burning midnight oil, pumping out stories. In addition, I learned that my best writing (season), is fall and during heavy rain and thunderstorms. It’s a creative time for me.

Demanding my time and space from family and distractions. You have to lovingly and firmly demand what’s yours. Family and your surroundings consume you and claim you. You have to take from them your; time (set some aside to write) and your space (a room in your home) to write. They will realize your devotion to writing, once they "see" how serious you are. For example: My family/household knows, that when I post my sign "Meditating" or "At Work" on my bedroom door, that means, don’t bother me. Don’t knock on the door. It took them sometime, but they began to respect my time and my space for my craft. Distractions of phone calls, daily tasks of all sorts and talks with friends had to be put on hold.
Encouragement for writers. How I do it: Prayer - Focus – Being observant - Stealing what’s already mine––my time. How to do it: Write about the passion God puts in your heart – Whenever a story or a piece of information rises within you, write it down/write it out – Journal if you must. More Tips: Don’t count words, write – Don’t count pages, write – Write until your empty, take a break (a few hours, a day or two, a week if needed) to refill and refuel, and then continue to write. Sticking to the things I’ve mentioned, has allowed me to write 14 books.
Sherese Lyons-I love God and helping people heal. Some of my passions are, showing people the root cause of things that have them bound and help them dig it up, once and for all. I am fond of speaking wisdom and inspiration. Furthermore, I am a writer of inspirational fiction for youth and parents. I am the author of a 3-book series on youth, their mishaps and Christ, a 6-book series for children, 2-books of messages, a book of quotes and a book of poems for youth. Currently I am writing: movie adaptation of my 6-book series for children on bullying. I am a member of IWA (International Writers Association). My education includes; creative writing and a B. S. in Criminal Justice. My website Social media links www.linkedin/in/sheresemlyons


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