September 12, 2018

Need Advice or a good Brainstorming Session?

By Molly Jebber

Author friends are priceless. If you don’t have two author friends to bounce ideas off of, attend or join writing groups and attend conferences. If this isn’t feasible for you, join writing groups on line and interact with the email group posts and subscribe to their newsletters. It’s a good way to get to know members, ask advice, and learn what’s happening in the industry. After you’ve been active with a group, you may befriend a member or two who are writing your same genre who you trust. You can approach them about editing each other’s work in progress.

Another set of eyes as you write the manuscript to edit the story can save you valuable time and much aggravation. You don’t want to have your character petting the sweet cat when you wrote the cat died of old age in the previous chapter! Yes, my critique partners have caught some funny blunders before I edit, and we’ve had some good laughs. You can brainstorm for new story ideas. The conversations will result in a boatload of work, but you’re ready and inspired to write to make your story better.

Support for each other goes beyond the writing. You’ll gain advice on the best resources for research, marketing, and the industry.  Author friends encourage you to plow through the tough times, hug you when you need it, and offer the best advice gained from their experiences in all areas of their writing and publishing process. They encourage you to achieve your writing goals and objectives for each week.

Check your time each day and don’t get carried away with marketing more than you’re writing. My critique partners monitor my progress by how often and how many pages I’m sending. You’re probably better at this than I am. Both are important. Finding new marketing ideas are fun, and I get involved and excited about them. Maybe a little too much!  With information at your fingertips, writing groups are within reach through podcasts, online email groups, Facebook, blogs, and more. Don’t get discouraged. You’ve got a book we want to read, so don’t give up!
Molly Jebber writes Amish Historical Romances. Her books have been featured in USA Today’s HEA column, and “Change of Heart” made Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Ten List, and her books have received 4.5 star ratings from Romantic Times. She’s on Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll and she receives rave reviews in numerous magazines and media across the country. She’s a touring speaker for Women’s Christian Connection, and she speaks to many other groups about Amish history and their traditions, writing, marketing, publishing, and about her books. Visit her website to view her Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series and more! Her latest book is the first in her new Amish Charm Bakery Series, “Liza’s Second Chance” which released January 30, 2018, and “Ellie’s Redemption” (the second book) will release Jan. 29, 2019. Her Social Media Links are

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