July 5, 2018

BassPro @ The Pyramid Writing

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

Confession time, I live in Memphis and until today, had never been to Bass Pro at the Pyramid. So on a hot, hazy day in Memphis my husband says, “I need cargo shorts, let’s go to Bass Pro at The Pyramid.” I grabbed the Sky Ride tickets someone gave us, and we trekked to the Pyramid. 

The Pyramid at Memphis made for an interesting skyline addition years ago. This is an article about The Pyramid’s history.  

I worked at The Pyramid in the 80’s and 90’s as a docent for ''Wonders: The Memphis International Series," highlighting various historical art exhibits. It started with the exhibition in 1987 called ''Rameses the Great.'' Followed by ''Wonders'' exhibitions on Catherine the Great, the Ottomans, the Etruscans, Napoleon, China, and the city's seventh blockbuster, ''Titanic: The Exhibition.”

A docent was required to take a 4 week course at University of Memphis learning about the history of each artifact. It was fascinating to see artifacts from around the world. I often thought of spin-off stories I could write based on information learned for these exhibits. Millions of people viewed these exhibitions. 

Today, at Bass Pro at The Pyramid after weaving through the retail store, seeing a waterfall, huge fish tanks, and swamp with gators, we rode over 28 stories up the center in a glass elevator viewing the entire venue below. WoW! 

At the top we walked into The Lookout restaurant and bar with another huge fish tank and various steampunk style iron fish, gator and mythical creatures made of gears, metal and wood suspended from the ceiling. The bird's eye view from the glass floored observation deck offers a 360-degree of Memphis and the Mississippi River is spectacular. 

It’s a wonderful place to catch a quick lunch and soak up the atmosphere. I wrote this blog in “The Lookout” while watching barges on the river head south towards the Gulf. 

What special places in your hometown have you discovered that is unquie for writing?

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