January 2, 2018

Take Charge-Start It Off Right

By Susan Reichert,  Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

I like to look back on a year when it ends. Why?  I want to take stock of where I’ve been; to plan on where to go in the New Year. Maybe some of these tips will be helpful to you.
During the year, I will begin writing a story, and after so many pages, it seems the story just stops. It doesn’t want to go anywhere. But, I write it down because I’m a big believer when any story comes into your head it is best to write it down and take it as far as you can.
This number can be anywhere from three stories to twelve during the year.
I put them aside. Years ago, I would throw them away, thinking them useless. But now, I keep them. Each year I pull those stories and read each one. My reasoning is simple; I might just find one that is a diamond in the rough. You see, sometimes we as writers have to be in the right frame of mind to actually see what could be. A story, which now is ready to tell.
Another thing I believe important for a writer, is to look back at what was accomplished during the past year; don’t focus yet on what wasn’t. Each of us needs a pat on the back; to appreciate what we did achieve. I find it helpful to make a list of these achievements.
As a writer, I want to see if I moved forward in honing my craft during the year.  After all, we are always aware of a few areas that could use improvement. When I see an area I feel is weak, I insert a fifteen to twenty minute time slot to work on the area–at least twice a week.
After doing the above I usually uncover a project or two that’s left that I need to carry over to the New Year. So I insert these projects into my schedule. Looking at these projects with fresh eyes gives me a new insight into completing the projects.
I find it helpful to write this information down, as in a journal. This makes it easy to refer to, from time to time.
By the way, I found this method also works in other areas of my life.
Try it. And if you have things that help you start your new year, we would love for you to share these ideas with us.
Wishing you a great start for the New Year!

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