August 24, 2017

Taking a New Trail

 By  Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

I have written about The Bourbon Trail possibility revealing a new cult following in this country like what Urban Cowboy revealed to us years ago.

Apparently, the fascination has exploded. According to Carla Harris Carlton, author of Barrel Strength Bourbon: The Explosive Growth of America’s Whiskey, “It’s gone from being grandpa’s drink to being a sophisticated spirit,’ she says, “There’s a lot of culture and history behind it.” For USA TODAY Carlton shared with Larry Bleiberg some 10 favorite restaurants and bars specializing in the drink. These are located from New York to New Orleans and from Charleston to San Francisco. So, after you take the Bourbon Trail you can relax and enjoy the Bourbon.

Not to be outdone by Kentucky and their Bourbon, Tennessee has presented us with The Whiskey Trail. With over 30 distilleries in Tennessee they felt as a group they could do more to promote true Tennessee Whiskey and a true Tennessee Whiskey experience by providing a trail featuring these distilleries from one end of the State to the other. Packages include lodging, food and of course whiskey.  

Having taken the Freedom Trail in Boston and touring author’s homes in that area then seeing these trails my thoughts were, why not an Authors Trail? So, I did what we all do, I Googled it! 

Congratulations to Connecticut! They are having their 9th Annual Connecticut Authors Trail. In 2017, it runs from July 6th to September 17th.  From their website, it states, The Connecticut Authors Trail consists of a consortium of Eastern Connecticut Libraries who are constantly amazed at the variety of genres and diverse styles of writing among the authors who live in or are associated with the Nutmeg State.”  What a great idea for authors, libraries, and the communities.  

I know each of us have authors in our immediate area. If there isn’t a trail you can create a personal one and set out. As an example, within an hour of my home is the home of William Faulkner which wouldn’t be a bad start. I am sure with the knowledge of authors we have at our fingertips any of us could put together a similar trail as they have in Connecticut.

The purpose of the trail would be to promote and highlight current authors and inspire future authors. There would also be the additional assets of book sales, community’s benefiting commercially and of course more people reading books. All are in line with the purpose behind Southern Writers Magazine. I encourage each of you to follow the trail and please inform us of other author trails. We would love to share them with our authors and readers.

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