August 30, 2017

How Do I Do It?

By Elbert Alberson

I read every book one author has written.  Then I read, every book, another author wrote.  When I finished that last book, I said to myself, I CAN DO THIS.  Then I took one of Stuart Wood’s books and examined it.  I mean every detail even to the indentions, where the page numbers were––top, bottom, centered, etc.

Then I told myself again and again.  Write what I know about.  I wrote my autobiography, called COTTON TOP.  It was my best seller 4 years.

Then I wrote a HISTORICAL FICTION.  The story was about four friends and our escapades while enjoying their hobby of Scuba diving.  It was historical because it really happened, the location was real, and the characters were the author and his friends.  But to protect the innocent, the names were changed.  The fiction part was, the story, fictionalized by what could have happened, because they came so close to reality.  That story might have really happened, by associating with the wrong person, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As I got to the end of the story, everybody was still alive in the story.  And there was, so much material, I wrote a sequel to that book, and stopped, at the end of a five book series. The material could have been hunting, fishing, anything that four guys might have done every weekend for four years. CAY SAL, DIAMONDS AND GOLD, OLD GOALD, FIRE ISLAND, AND ITALIAN INTRIGUE.

Let me say this.  There is a right way to write a book and a wrong way.  I just showed you one way and there are many other, right ways, to write a book.  But, there are wrong ways.  I read a book one day and liked it.  I read another of that same author’s books, and I noticed, all he had done, was change the names of the characters, the name of the towns, the type crime involved.  I picked up on it early.  As I read more, it got to where I knew exactly, what was going to happen next and I had only read a few chapters.  Don’t ever be so weak to ever do that. You would be cheating yourself, destroying your credibility and reputation.  All you have is your reputation.

Keep on writing. You have the material in your mind. Just think about it.  I was in the Air Force in Savannah, Georgia for two years.  I wrote a book called CRACKER 929, about what all I got into. Again, I changed the names of the characters, to protect the innocent. 

Then I went overseas, and flew out of Japan for a year and out of the Philippines for a year.  I really changed the names and other things, because it was a Special Ops Plane   and nobody was to know who we were, where we came from or where we were going.  That book is called RED BULL.

That is how I Wrote, 5 of my 13 books.
ELBERT ALBERSON was born in Memphis, Tennessee.  He left home at an early age joining the Air Force and traveled extensively.  During his travels, mostly in the Air Force and in the early stages of Vietnam, he experienced adventures of a life time flying  North  to  Newfoundland, South to  the Azores in Portugal and  the Far East to include Vietnam,  Japan, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Australia, Thailand, Okinawa, Burma and Singapore.  He experienced near death incidents multiple times and learned the many customs and traditions in these countries.  This has led to many stories to tell, some of his stories are fictional, of real people, real places, and real incidents His adventures continued through his associations with the sport of Scuba Diving for many years.  There are many stories of real Experiences of Adventure and Excitement.   Most story lines are fictional stories.  But Elbert is the main character in most of his books with real people and places in his books.  Because of his travels and experiences and the research required to write his stories to include real historical events and actual happenings, you will relive his experiences through his eyes.  His books include:  Cotton Top, Red Bull, Cay Sal, Diamonds and Gold,   Old Gold,   Fire Island, The Italian Incidents,   River of Intrigue   and   Memphis Intrigue 1940, Cracker 929,  Katherine,   A dangerous attraction, Chasing Second Chances. He can be found on Facebook.

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