April 22, 2016

Facebook Advertisement Strategies: What You Need to Know, Part One

By Sheena Mathieson

The rise of social media revolutionized the industry of sale, marketing, and advertisement. People’s lifestyle nowadays involves varying use of websites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social networking sites enable billions of users worldwide to connect with each other, which makes it easy for marketing strategies to reach their targeted potential consumers.

Facebook, in particular, allows people to create their own official page and provide other details about his or her written works or a teaser the latest book in order to pique the interests of the page’s visitors. It works especially if they are able to get more Facebook Likes. Each like on a given Facebook page increases the chance of inviting more Facebook followers.

Every viral post and every trending topic is an opportunity to get the attention of the many users. If the post is interesting, FB users and page followers may also try to share it and plug the company’s Facebook page whenever we can. To make this possible, adequateFacebook management is necessary.  Social media managers are needed to handle Facebook pages, including their content.

Tips on Improving the Exposure of Your Facebook Page

Use mobile applications to promote your advertisements. Many free applications allow advertisements to appear whenever people use them. Since many people use the internet on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, getting ads on these apps will help more users come across your page.

Encourage people to like and share your Facebook page during events. Step up your Facebook management game. Whenever there is a book-signing event or something similar, make sure to promote your Facebook page. Post the pictures of these events to create a buzz on social media. Getting the current fans to help promote the author and his page is perfect for publicity.

Advertise on other frequently visited websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Doing this will increase your audience greatly. If you have accounts on the aforementioned websites, linking them all together will increase the publicity of the Facebook page.

Study the behavior of consumer demand and have a specific target audience. Consumer trends and behavior is very important when advertising and the same concepts apply here. This will help you connect and relate to your target users.

Establish a nurturing connection to your audience. Once you have gotten their attention, make sure you keep it! This is done by updating your page regularly with engaging posts and rewarding loyalty to make sure the people you have will stay.

Part Two of Sheena's blog will appear on Monday, April 25, 2016.
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