January 9, 2015

This Could Be Your Moment

By Carrie Wisehart

Every writer needs one.

Mine came in the form of a bubbly, cancer-stricken romantic comedy author who, despite her disease, felt it was her duty to mentor a young writer. She was my inspiration – the tipping point I needed to spring into action. It only took a few words:

“You’ve got what it takes, Carrie.”

And I was off to the races. She began by helping me edit my manuscript, but then it was time to take risks. With Diann as my inspiration, I forged forward with the confidence, knowing she believed in me.

But we cannot live on inspiration alone. I had to take my own initiative by beginning the marketing process many authors dread. I couldn’t wait for the world to come hear my story. I had to tell it.

I put myself out there in every way imaginable. I prepared a strong pitch, developed a one pager, signed up for a writing conference. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, YouTube…I increased my presence. I ordered business cards, networked with authors. And Diann, in spite of (or perhaps because) of her disease, pressed me forward.

At the writer’s conference I pitched my manuscript to several agents and Diann was on the other end of the phone after each meeting to encourage, laugh, and cry with me.

Finally, in January of 2014, I signed with Karen Solem of Spencerhill Associates. Diann was already gone; the cancer had taken its toll. But in her last days, she was my encouragement, living a life of love. She was exactly what I needed.

My inspiration.

So, author friend, I say to you in memory of what was said to me just over a year ago,

“You’ve got what it takes.”

And I hope that phrase will launch you into the world, encouraging you to take risks, put yourself out there. Because you will only achieve your dreams of being a published author if you try. The words have been spoken. Now the ball is in your court.

A vibrant high school English and drama teacher, Carrie Wisehart loves the rollercoaster of working up close and personal with teenagers. As a pastor’s wife to some of the largest churches in her denomination, she has led worship, Bible studies, and written curriculum for adults, teenagers, and children in multiple ministry venues.  After teaching and ministering 15 years, God birthed
in her heart a passion for writing books that inspire young adults to live a life of reckless abandon, running after God. Carrie has written original curriculum and drama for the classroom, has been a freelance writer for Olivet Nazarene University, and was featured on the OPRAH SHOW for her innovative teaching style and passion for students. She holds her undergraduate degrees in Vocal Performance and English Education from Olivet Nazarene University, as well as a Master’s in Theatre from The Ohio State University. She loves adventures, laughter,bicycling, and spending time with her husband and 9-year-old daughter. Social media links;  Twitter: @carriewisehart   Instagram: carrielane Skype: carriewisehart and

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