January 28, 2015

How I Writing

By Alonna Williams

Whether it’s fiction, historical fiction, sci-fi or any genre, music inspires me. Music helps me paint a picture in my head, where I want the story to go. From classical music to pop rock, anything inspires me. Many different songs inspire my latest series “Pirates- The Lost Cove”. One of my favorites being “Carpe Diem” by an indie composer named Adrian Von Zeigler.

Usually I like to be in a quiet setting when I’m writing.  I hope I’m not alone when I say I like to act out scenes to know exactly how I want to write them down… sounds weird but I feel that it makes the story better.

When it comes to character development, I usually add a dash of myself to the person and then think of other qualities I would like them to have. My favorite character, “Trevor Henderson”, for example, has some qualities that are from me. Such as his quick remarks, sarcasm, love of corny jokes and his constantly laughing and talking when the time is not right. He also has a few not so good qualities of his own, such as being spoiled, bratty, and selfish and so on. That might make you wonder, if he’s the hero of the story why does he have so many annoying qualities.

When making this character I didn’t want to make a “Mary Sue” character that is perfect and gets everything right. I wanted to make a character that you have to grow to love as you read the series. Someone that you start to get along with as you begin to realize he’s not that bad and he’s changing. Eventually you’ll realize… you love “Trevor Henderson”.

In Conclusion, I’d just like to say that all together, I just write, I write, write, because it makes me happy and it gives me the ability to make other people happy.
My Name is Alonna Williams and I have always enjoyed writing as a really enjoyable way to express any kind of feelings; I have been writing since I was little and don't plan on stopping. I write all genres whether it's, Mystery, Romance, Drama, Adventure or even Children's stories. I wrote my first short story when I was around seven or eight. If I’m not writing books you’ll probably find me tap dancing, reading, or watching a good classic movie
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