November 27, 2014

Thankful for our Community of Authors and Readers

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

Southern Writers Magazine says thank you to all our authors and readers! It's because of you the magazine is such a success. 

SWM's blog Suite T is rapidly approaching 2 million views and it's all because of y'all. Thank you!

We love our community of authors and readers who make it fun as we put together each issue. Our editors and staff are constantly working on ways to expand our services to benefit all authors, while creating interest to readers. 

Here's a little writing exercise. Put your thinking cap on and name these "turkeys" that are hanging out on my front porch. Remember, you have to name characters in your writing to make your characters unique. 

Or write a short paragraph of no more than twenty-five words. You will need to write a tight blurb about your book to entice readers to open your book. This writing exercise will help you hone your skills. 
Still stumped? 

Here's mine; the "Turkey" on the left is named "Perky." (Cross between a Pumpkin and a Turkey)....The "Turkey" on the right below is named "Wobble"(he ate too much at dinner) 

My twenty-five words blurb; "Pumpkins hang out on my front porch for All Hallows' Eve tricksters. A few metal attachments extend their time on my porch. Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all."

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