October 10, 2013

Continual Success

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

Success brings to mind different things to different people.  Not only are the dreams and goals different but its limits varying from one person to the next. My idea of success may be limited by my experience and talent. But to reach my level of success is just as rewarding as the next person that reaches their success at a much higher plain.

Don Henley said, “Success can sometimes be just as disconcerting and frightening as failure, especially when you have questions about your own unworthiness and abilities.” 

Questioning your success is not unusual. Many doubt their worthiness and question their abilities. Many do so because they are concerned about the next step. Can we maintain our success, can we repeat our model for success or will my next attempt be received and accepted like the first. This can only be answered by continuing forward, just as Henley and The Eagles did. There were failures along the way but most are forgotten. 

The truth is once you reach what you thought to be your goal or dream you come to realize what you have done prepares you for the next big thing. Doors open and again it is off you go to the next level. You need to stop, take stock and make a decision on what is next. Your abilities and worthiness have lifted you to this level of success. Use what you have learned. Put the success you have with the abilities that are proven and continue on to the next level. 

There will be times of doubt or setbacks, hesitation or even failure but the key word is continual. 

Over the duration you will be a SUCCESS!        

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