September 3, 2013


By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine

Reviews: Every author wants them for their book. But, they want good reviews. After all, if your books get good reviews on Amazon the people will come and buy your book.

Some people tell you not to ask your family to put reviews on Amazon…is that called a ringer? Frankly, if my Aunt Harriet told me she liked my book, that it was riveting and she couldn’t sleep for three nights after reading it, you bet I would ask her to put her review on there. Aunt or no aunt that is information people need to know about my book. She didn’t have to tell me anything after reading my book unless I asked, and then she could have said, “Yes, I did read it, it was good.” So obviously, she meant every word.

Being an author and listening to advice is like trying to decide which piece of ‘chocolate’ to choose out of that box of candy. When we receive advice, we want to evaluate it and determine if it is to our benefit or detriment. Also, look at each piece of advice on an individual basis pertaining to the situation.

So when family, friends or foes read your book, you can ask them what they thought. Just don’t be afraid of them rejecting your book or not liking something in general. Not everyone is going to jump up and down raving about your book.  Who knows, there may have been things they really liked and raved over and yet still had some things they didn’t care for, and still this would make a good review. You see it gives the person reading it some valuable information that just make push them into buy that book, to see what that person was saying.

Overall, I do suggest that you send out on your Facebook, Twitter and other Medias you use as well as your blog and website invitations for your readers to send you back information after reading your book, have them tell you what they liked most about your book as well as things they didn’t. This is a good way to find reviewers. Most of them will be delighted you asked them to post their review on your website as well as Amazon.   

Be creative. You can do drawings for autographed books; you can name a character after them in your next book. Your readers who are fans will be happy to help spread the word about your book.

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