Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Inspired

By Holly Zitting

For writers inspiration is the bread and butter of our daily life. But for most of us finding it could prove as elusive as a search for Waldo in a field full of candy canes. It is a question I am continually asked. What inspires you?

While the answer is different for everyone there are things that inspire us all. Taylor Swift is a Grammy winning artist. She is also a serial dater; she makes up and breaks up on a weekly basis with a new heartthrob.  Not only does she use her personal heartbreak for inspiration she profits from it with bags full of money and gold records galore.

As someone who has been married to the same man for almost 16 years I can’t count on the constant break-ups that come with young love to inspire me. So what does inspire me? It could be as simple as a song on the radio. My newest work in progress was inspired when my daughters best friend was singing along to the catchy yet overplayed “Call me maybe?” at the beginning of the summer. Seeing two girls that I love happy and singing the line “I threw a wish in a well,” ended up taking on a life on its own and now I three books in the progress because of a simple song lyric.

Fall is my favorite time of year. Seeing all of the changing colors sparks my imagination. Take a drive and look at the beauty around you. Inspiration could come from something as simple as a walk on the beach with someone you love or possibly even listening to your favorite song. Reading a good book or even people watching can inspire all of us. With social media everywhere we look we are constantly being relegated with stories that are either heartwarming or bizarre. Each one adds to the twisted folds of our imaginations. So for all the writers and want to be writers (like me) my best advice is….simply live life.
Holly Zitting is the Author to The Amulet Prophecy. The Amulet is releasing on December 1st. It will be on and Barnes and as well as Whiskey Creek It will be followed by Talisman and Infinity. The Paradan Tales will release its first book in January entitled The Wishing Well. Holly is a stay at home to 5 children with her husband of 16 years. She is also a foster mother.

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