December 7, 2011

The Gift of Time

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

If you have been on the receiving side of giving, you know the wonderful feeling that accompanies the gift.
During this season, we seem to be more giving of ourselves than the rest of the year. We somehow come up with presents for those we love but I can’t help but wonder if perhaps we could make a special effort to help those not just less fortunate, but those who are working to become authors. 
Is there someone you met at a conference that wanted to talk to you about how you got to where you are? Maybe because of your schedule you didn’t have the time to answer their questions and spend time with them. Hopefully, if you are lucky, they gave you their name and email. If they did, could you now find the time in your schedule to reach out to them, answer their questions and even mentor them?
There is no better feeling on earth than when we help someone and do so with our time. That is really the most precious gift we have to offer. Money you can make, time you can’t; it is already set.

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