December 12, 2011

The Gift of a New Beginning

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

My wife’s uncle was a minor league baseball umpire before retiring to our little town. There he would umpire for the local Little League teams on occasion. He was impressive in full uniform with pads, mask and a booming voice that could fill a stadium. I think most of us enjoyed a taste of the minor leagues at our little local games.

He would begin his games with a command, “Balls in, throw down.” Practice balls from the infield and outfield would be thrown to the dugouts. The pitcher would take his last warm up pitch to the catcher. The catcher would “throw down” to second base. Players would take the field. The game was about to begin.

No matter the season the teams had experienced up to this point, it is a new game. This is a chance for continued success or redemption. This is a new beginning.

With a new year on the horizon, we too will have a new beginning. Each year we wipe the slate clean and look to the future for a new and prosperous beginning. We have hope for success in the fruition of our dreams and hard work. We hope to see many great things accomplished in the New Year.

With this in mind I hope you will take some time to gather your thoughts, determine your current position and chart your future course. Determine where you are now, what you like about your current position, what you would change about your current position. From that point you must determine who makes the decision to change. Most likely it will be up to you. Then you must find a solution or plan and chart your course for the future. Whether it is daily, monthly, yearly or whenever you may need it; give yourself the gift of a new beginning!

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