October 17, 2011

Commission Free Sales

Today our managing editor, Doyne Phillips is hosting a special guest, Rob Eagar. As founder of Wildfire Marketing, Rob is an expert in spreading an author's message like wildfire.
by Rob Eagar

One of the keys to selling books like wildfire is to get other people to act as a salesperson for you. Instead of marketing all by yourself, imagine hundreds of people singing your praises to the public. A great way to make this happen is by utilizing the power of success stories.
For example, Dave Ramsey, radio host and New York Times bestselling author of The Total Money Makeover, uses the power of success stories better than any author I know. Every Friday, Dave invites listeners to call his radio show, declare how much personal debt they use to carry, explain how Dave helped them get out of debt, and then scream with glee, "I'm debt free!" Dave congratulates them, plays a funny inspirational soundtrack, and you can't help but feel happy.

However, these joyful moments aren't just for the benefit of the caller. These emotional success stories also create a powerful marketing dynamic for Dave's books. Listeners are moved by hearing Dave's readers revel in their newfound financial freedom. If you're someone who happens to be in debt, these stories create a natural attraction to check out The Total Money Makeover.
You may not have a nationwide radio program like Dave Ramsey. Regardless, any author (fiction and non-fiction) can use the power of success stories as effective marketing tools. As you gather positive feedback from readers, share them regularly through your newsletter, website, blog, and social media pages. You could even create a regular focus on them like Dave does. You may not have people shouting, "I'm debt free!" Instead, your success stories can help people see your books and think, "I want to read!"

*Used by permission. Originial source here.

Rob Eagar is the founder of WildFire Marketing who helps individuals and organizations spread their message like wildfire through innovative marketing strategies. He has consulted with numerous publishers, non-profits, business leaders, and worked with over 400 authors at all levels, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. Click here for a sample of Rob's clients.

Rob is passionate about helping authors and organizations spread their message like wildfire. Besides his own writng experience, he has a marketing degree from Auburn University, produced seven straight years of sales increases for the American Nonwovens Corporation, and developed a $6,000,000 marketing plan for Sellars Textiles as National Sales Manager. His past success and marketing expertise unite to form a powerful advocate for your message.                               

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