October 24, 2011

Are You a Boat Potato?

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

We have all heard of the couch potato, one that sits on the couch and is unproductive by anyone’s standards. Have you heard of a boat potato? John Ortberg author of If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got to Get Out Of The Boat speaks of the gift we have been given. These gifts are our calling and in order to realize them, or in his words in order to walk on water, we must get out of the boat. Ortberg says there is something inside each of us that makes us want to do more than merely avoid failure. We have the desire to walk on water. But to do so we must get out of the boat.          

What is your boat? What is it that you find safety in? What affords you the comfort that entices you to remain in the boat and not seek your gift? Ortberg says there is a simple test to discover your boat. The test is FEAR.

Fear comes when we think of leaving the boat and stepping out on the water. Each time you think of taking the next step toward your gift, something in you will produce fear. That fear will tell you to stay where it is safe. Once our fears are identified, we must overcome them. Step over the side of the boat, get your feet wet. Discover getting out of the boat it is worth it. One step will lead to another and before you know it your life will change. You will no longer be a Boat Potato.

Take the FEAR test and get started…

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