February 6, 2023

What Happens When You Fall Apart Emotionally and Spiritually

Suite T wants to introduce you to Father David W. Peters. He served as an enlisted Marine Corps and Army Chaplain, deploying to Iraq in 2005. He is a graduate of Missio Seminary (M.Div), Erskine Seminary, (D.Min), and Seminary of the Southwest (MAR). David has taught as an instructor at the Army Chaplain Center and School and Seminary of the Southwest. Currently he is the vicar of St. Joan of Arc Episcopal Church in Pflugerville, TX. David is the father of three sons and one cat.

Father Peters has written a new book titled Post-Traumatic Jesus: Reading the Gospel With the Wounded.

After twenty years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a global pandemic, protests against racial violence, and frequent shootings, more Americans than ever are living with the effects of trauma. The good news is that Jesus was born and died in a traumatized world, and his story speaks forever to wounded people worldwide. Army veteran and Episcopal priest David Peters explores Jesus’ life story through the post-traumatic lens with which the Gospel writers first wrote it—as people who had seen their leader executed by the same oppressive government that had already shrouded their whole lives in anxiety and fear. Meeting the post-traumatic Jesus—the only Jesus the world has ever known—can be a balm to the wounds of modern Christians and spiritual seekers.

I have put a link here from NPR where you can read the story about Father Peters and what happened to him emotionally and spiritually in Iraq and coming home. I think you will agree with me it is heart touching.

Click here to hear the story on NPR

Reach him on twitter or tiktok @davidwpeters.

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