January 5, 2023

Meet Donna Ball from the Northeast Georgia Mountains

Northeast Georgia Mountains

If you don't know Donna Ball here is your chance to get to know Donna and her writing.

Donna Ball published her first book in 1982. Since that time she has written over 100 books under pseudonyms that include Rebecca Flanders, Donna Carlisle, Leigh Bristol, Taylor Brady, and Donna Boyd. 

Though she has been published virtually in every genre, she is best known for her work in women's fiction and suspense. Her novels have been translated into multiple languages and published around the world.

She is the holder of the Storytelling World award, 2001, the Georgia Author of the Year Award, 2000, Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards for consecutive years 1991-1996, the Georgia Romance Writer's Maggie Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Romantic Times, among others.

Donna lives in the heart of the Blue Ridge Divide in a restored Victorian barn which was the inspiration for the bestselling A YEAR ON LADYBUG FARM. She spends her spare time hiking, painting, and enjoying canine sports with her three dogs.

In September of 2022, she released an Epic Installment ( her 15th book) in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series titled The Judge's Daughter. All her fans of this series are excited to get this 15th book in the series.

In this pivotal fifteenth book in the ground-breaking Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series, the death of an old friend leaves Raine Stockton with an unwanted inheritance, an old wound reopened, and the most challenging mystery of her life.

The name Stockton has always carried weight in the small Smokey Mountain community of Hanover County, North Carolina, and Judge Jonathon Stockton was one of the most respected men in the county… until a scandal was uncovered that destroyed his legacy and shook his daughter, Raine, to the very foundation of her being. Now her father’s misdeeds are once again threatening to upend Raine’s world, this time in the form of a relative she never knew she had.

Both Raine’s ex-husband, county investigator Buck Lawson, and her fiancé, Miles Young, warn Raine that Casey Macintosh is not what he appears to be. But while Raine is not as naïve as either man seems to suspect, she finds herself unwillingly charmed by this stranger who claims to be her long-lost brother, and more curious than suspicious. But the more she learns about Casey the more she realizes that he is not only deceptive, he may also be dangerous.

Raine and her search-and-rescue golden retriever, Cisco, have spent their lives rescuing others who have stumbled off the trail. She has never faced a crisis she couldn’t manage with the help of her devoted dog and her friends. But with Buck in the midst of an out-of-state move and a new county prosecutor looking to make a name for himself, Raine soon finds herself entangled in a desperate situation with no way out and no one to turn to. This time, she is not the savior, but the victim. And not even Cisco can help her now.

You will love her blog. Be sure and drop in and see the information "Writing Without A Net". 

We hope you will enjoy her new book as much as we did.

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